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Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2024

Youths Voluntarism Project Holds Productive Interface Meeting in Banjul

The Officials of the Youths Voluntarism Project on the 23rd March 2024 held an interface meeting and stakeholders engagement on the development strategies of the project beneficiaries in Banjul at the BCC complex hall, which involved 60 young individuals who have been recruited to participate in various skills training programs both locally and internationally by REFELA Gambia Chapter project.

The event brought together various personnel ranging from the Executive Director of National Youth Council Alagie Jarju, Deputy Director Institute of innovation and Entrepreneurship (USET) Dr.Ikone Ozioma, MaiyaMuna skin and Hair Care Maimuna Jahateh, The Founder of Ida’s Idea Ida Saine and Business Development Manager from GCCI Olimatou Deen Sarr.

The Executive Director of the National Youth Council, Alagie Jarju, emphasized that the government can’t do it all alone. He believes that the private sector should be the main source of employment in any country, adding that the government’s goal is to ensure that young people have opportunities for employment. According to Jarju, the most concerning issue for any country is when young people lack education, entrepreneurship, and training.

Mr Jarju advice the beneficiaries to take the project to another level, to be resilient, unique, to keep adding value everyday to what they do, also to be serious in what they do, and make good use of the opportunity given to them, adding that to have in mind that every failure is a learning curve and prepare them to be a better a person. He said a skillful person is to have a good character and discipline speaks highly of the person that sells any individual and takes the person to the next level and delivers to their utmost capacity when given a job.

Mr. Jarju made a strong point about Gambians changing their mindset when it comes to skills, he said some used to think it wasn’t for them. ‘’But that’s not the case anymore, more and more people are now diving into skills training and gaining the necessary expertise right here in our country and they’re actually finding work too, and to assure you that the government is working tirelessly to tackle these issues in the long run” he said. 

Mr. Jarju further said that It’s important for the beneficiaries of the Youth Volunteerism Project to take it to the next level by being resilient, unique, and continuously adding value to their work, and that they should also approach their responsibilities seriously and make the most of the opportunities given to them. And reminds them that every failure is a chance to learn and grow, adding that it’s crucial to have a good character and discipline, these qualities he says can really make a difference and help them excel in any job they take on

The Founder of Ida’s Idea Ida Saine urge the beneficiaries to take the training very seriously and believe in themselves, support each other, work together to make Gambia a better place because she said of we do not work together then no one its achieve their goals and the country will continue stay where it is, adding that when it comes to fashion she won’t stop here but will work very hard to the level of university 

 The Founder of Ida’s Idea Ida Saine had some inspiring words for the beneficiaries of the training and.she encouraged them to take the training seriously and have faith in themselves. She also stressed the importance of supporting one another and working together to make Gambia a better place. Regarding her passion for fashion, she said she’s not stopping here that she is determined to work super hard and take her fashion journey all the way to the university level.

A representative from the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and a Business Development Manager named Olimatou Deen Sarr shared some valuable insights. They explained that GCCI’s primary role is advocacy, meaning they work to solve issues for business owners within the environment they face. She also mentioned that GCCI collaborates with the government to organize job fairs, where they can connect with the youth and find ways to help them, like providing skills training and internship opportunities among others. 

She added that the institution also organized an outreach program to assist the young people, in which they engage senior Schools and interact with the ones who have ventured into business to assist them, adding that they have also receive Schools in their office who are interested to learn from them about entrepreneurship and how to venture into the business.

Olimatou Deen Sarr mentioned that the GCCI goes above and beyond to support young people where they pair up experienced business professionals with young entrepreneurs to provide guidance and support to these young entrepreneurs, adding that the institution even invites schools to their office to learn about entrepreneurship and how to start their own businesses. 

The Deputy Mayor of Banjul Hon Abdou Aziz Dabakh also urge beneficiaries to take this opportunity to gain the skills that will be provided for them to benefit themselves, their families, communities and the country at whole, adding success is not gain over night and every one go through challenges but he said to the beneficiaries that they should be resilient, and make sure that they don’t give up and get successful in various aspects.

Hon Abdou Aziz Dabakh emphasizes “it’s so true that success doesn’t happen overnight and everyone faces challenges along the way. But hey, you people should take this program seriously, stay resilient and never give up. And have this amazing opportunity to gain valuable skills that will benefit not only you as an individual but also your families, communities, and the country. It’s all about working hard, staying determined, and achieving success in various aspects of life” he said. 

One of the beneficiaries encouraged his fellow participants to take the project seriously. “It’s important to recognize the opportunities that these projects bring and to make the most of them for personal growth, as well as for the betterment of our families and communities and not to take it as an advantage to go outside of not coming back to the country . And also Creating a positive legacy and making a lasting impact is definitely something to strive for. And it’s wonderful to acknowledge the efforts of Rohey Malick Lowe for bringing these projects to the youths of Banjul” he said.

The Youth volunteerism project is aimed at improving skills of young people in skills management, soft skills for effective leadership, reduction of Idle rate, to reduce dependence rate among young people of Banjul. Which also seeks to train over 500 young people, and it also aims to bring young people of Banjul together to share ideas and knowledge.

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