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Published On: Wed, Jan 5th, 2022

Will Ex-President Jammeh Apply “For Amnesty”?

The TRRC report, which followed over three years of consultations and hearings, recommended that the former president Jammeh who ruled the country for 22 years, was responsible for the high-level extra-judicial killings, attacks on the press and opposition, and etc. The commission recommended that Jammeh, alongside accomplices, should be prosecuted.

In less than 24hrs of the publication of the TRRC report to the public, few of Jammeh’s soldiers who left with him to Equatorial Guinea came back to The Gambia leaving Jammeh alone.

The TRRC report was made public on the 24th of December, were the Minister Of justice Dawda Jallow stated that The Gambia government will consider amnesty  to individuals who made full and remorseful disclosure before the commission and were not involved in crimes against humanity. Today the TRRC makes a further call for applications for amnesty to be submitted to the TRRC secretariat located at the former  Dunes Hotel, in Kololi by the 21st day of January 2022 with an  allocation time of latest 12:30 PM

The statement released by the TRRC reads that, all applications must be submitted, inwriting to the TRRC and this can be done in person at the TRRC premises or via electronic communications to the Email, and all persons must submit their applications before the due date indicated above.

“In line with Section 19(1) of the TRRC Act any adversely mentioned individual who has previously appeared before the Commission and made a full disclosure of his or her involvement in human rights violations and abuses and has expressed remorse have to apply to the Commission for amnesty,” a statement by Dawda Jallow, Gambia’s attorney-general and minister of justice reads.

He further stated that ‘where the Commission refuses an application for amnesty it shall give reasons for its refusal in writing to the applicant and any other person who in relation to the offence is a victim.’

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