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Published On: Thu, Apr 18th, 2024

“We want to have a productive approach to dissemination of information” says Dr Ceesay

Ministry of Finance in Kanifing, Dr Ismaila Ceesay, Minister of Information yesterday during his media briefing emphasized the importance of a proactive approach to information dissemination. He highlighted the government’s plan to hold consultation meetings with the public in order to recognize the crucial role of the media as important partners in this endeavor in gathering public input and fostering effective communication.

Mr. Ceesay further announced that his ministry will be holding regular conferences every two weeks.

Mr. Ceesay made it a priority to connect with the media right from the start of his tenure. He reached out to TV service providers, newspaper publishers, radio stations, and others to highlight their vital role in effectively sharing information with the public.

Mr. Ceesay mentioned that he wants to ensure that journalists are trained to be competent, professional and ethical in their work.

“Journalists are very important in a country, they are as important as the doctors who cure our sick and as teachers who teach and educate our children, if teachers are wrongly educated then there is a problem, a whole generation is wrongly educated. If Doctors are poorly educated then they kill people, if journalists are poorly educated and are not competent and professional, they misinform, disinform and distort information which can cause disaster” he said.

Mr. Ceesay stressed the significance of journalists being well-trained, professional, and operating within the boundaries of the law.

Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, announced that the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy is working on building websites for all government ministries. These websites will be fully functional within a couple of months and will be maintained by the Ministry. Additionally, the Minister emphasized the importance of verified and authentic social media handles and websites for all ministers, aiming to prevent the spread of false information

During his statement, the Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Information Mr. Yankuba Saidy highlighted the purpose of the event, which was to foster closer engagement between the Ministry of Information and the media houses.

He further highlighted the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to openness and transparency. He emphasized their role as a reliable source of information, ensuring the public has access to updates on government activities, ongoing projects, and program implementation.

Mr Saidy added that it’s important to inform the public because their ministry is the one implementing the access to information law and there are other instruments that are coming, he said together it’s going to reinforced the democratic capacity to be able to render the critical services, to hold the government accountable and to create a degree stability in social setting.

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