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Published On: Mon, Aug 7th, 2023

Victims’ Centre Holds 3rd Annual General Meeting

The Gambia Center for Victims of Human Rights Violations over the weekend staged its 3rd annual general meeting at a colorful ceremony held at the Paradise Suites Hotel in Kololi. The celebration brought together victims from various regions.

Speaking at the occasion, Sheriff Muhammed Kijera, the outgoing chairperson of the board of directors  called on the Gambia government to table the liberation bill before the National Assembly to enable them enact the bill for the effective establishment of a reparation commission and start paying reparation to victims. 

He noted “so that it can become a law and establish the reparation commission to start paying reparation to victims. That is the one holding the payment of reparation to victims.  Without the bill they cannot pay reparation.”  

“I am calling the government to honour its promises for a successful and unbiased implementation of the TRRC Recommendations and the Government White paper as well as completing payment for reparations to victims,” he appealed.

He reiterated that the atrocities that occurred during Yaya Jammeh’s 22 years of dictatorship are not a secret anymore, adding that through the TRRC. “We all had the opportunity to hear from both victims and perpetrators on how some people were murdered, raped, tortured, and maimed during his tenure,” he revealed. 

He concluded to recognize the collaborative engagement with the Ministry of Justice, the former TRRC, NHRC, Civil Society Organizations and the Gambian population at large.

He extended his gratitude to all the people who had served as Board Members for their enormous sacrifices and the efforts rendered to ensure the growth and development of the Victims’ Centre.

“I wish to recognize all the donors past and present who have been supporting the VC from 2017 to date, and expressing our gratitude for their support,” he mentioned. 

He concluded with recognition to the collaborative engagement with the Ministry of Justice, the former TRRC, NHRC, Civil Society Organizations and the Gambian population at large. 

“I also wish to express gratitude to all victims for the trust they had in us in electing and entrusting the affairs of victims to the Board Members,” he stated. 

For his part, Adama Jallow, the National Coordinator for the Victims’ Center said that the meeting gives them the opportunity to discuss and exchange common interests of the victims’ center and o review progress made in the implementation of program activities.

He noted that I the past years, the Center, CSOs and other partners have played a pivotal role in enlightening the victims’ community and the public on issues surrounding the transitional justice processes in the Gambia.

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