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Published On: Wed, May 29th, 2024

Victim Testifies In Alleged Attempt Murder Case Against Yugo Sowe

In the alleged attempted murder case against Yugo Sowe , the victim (name withheld) testified against her husband (Yugo Sowe) before Presiding Judge Justice Jaiteh at the High Court.

The victim who is now in a wheelchair, due to the injuries she sustained after she was chopped on numerous areas of her body, told the court that she is a businesswoman and a resident of Jalambang. She further said that she had been married to the accused person (Yugo Sowe) for 23 years, adding that they have 7 children, 5 boys and 2 girls.

She stated that her 23 years of marriage to the accused person (Yugo) was a difficult one as she experienced a lot of problems with him to the point that he attempted to kill her.

When she ( Victim) was asked by Counsel M Singhateh to describe what her marriage was like, she replied that every marriage had its difficulties, but her problems with the accused ( Yugo) started with a land issue, she highlighted that she had travelled to her village but upon her return back home she found out that her husband ( Yugo) had sold her land. Even though she had complained her husband (Yugo) just told her that the one who gave her that land wanted to marry her to which she expressed that it was not the case as the person who gave her that land was her uncle.

She further said that she had complained to her mother, who advised her to let the land issue go as they were all related, hence for God’s sake she took her mother’s advice. She further highlighted that after all that she went back to her village, just for her husband (Yugo) to send her a message letting her know that he had divorced her as well as sold her Cow. Expressing that she called her mom, who came to see Yugo and expressed her disappointment, she told him that he should be building up his wife and not destroying her as she had previously told her daughter to let go when he (Yugo) sold her land and now he sold her Cow to which Yugo replied that he had sold the Cow because he did not want the cow to die but he was still told that was not a reason for him to sell the Cow.

“Since after divorcing me, I did not have peace. Even after the three pronounced divorced the problem continued and people were telling me he was angry but I was still his wife. I told them he divorced me three times,” the victim said.

The victim was then asked by Counsel M Singhateh to elaborate on what she meant by she ( Victim) did not have peace after the Cow issue with her husband (Yugo). To which she replied that after the divorce people advised her that she could not go like that so the accused (Yugo) took her and her Children to stay at a  Compound that he (the accused) was given to for free in the bush (Forest).

She stated that after their stay at the bush, the accused (Yugo) would come over all the time but she (victim) would always tell him that they were no longer married as he had divorced her 3 times to which he would give her the respond that unless she left the compound but as long as she was staying in that compound he would come and sleep with her. She expressed that this kept going on for a period of 3 years.

The victim also told the court that her husband (accused) would normally come to the compound just to tell her that a particular potion in the compound belonged to her co-wife (Dador) to which she said her response to him would be that the co wife had no share there as she (Dador) was not staying with them.

Counsel M Singhateh asked the victim what the condition of the bush compound was to which she (victim) replied that the place was lonely and dangerous as she was staying there with just her children.

The victim testified that other problems emerged when she told her husband (Yugo) that Dador had no share in the compound because where she (Dador) was staying at is bigger compared to where she is but to that the husband (accused) would give her the respond that if she continued saying that Dador does not have a share in the compound he would kill her.

She further said her husband (Accused) also told her that if he had a customer he would sell the compound, she highlighted that she had refused for the compound to be sold as she wants a place for her children to stay in but her husband (accused) already had three buyers namely, Momodou Jallow, Jawara and Ebrima Bah.

 She stated that when she informed her husband that she had already spoken to Ebrima about her condition and that he (Ebrima) would not come back again to buy the compound, her husband (accused) told her that he would kill her if he does not sell the land.

The victim said after that the accused stopped coming around for a period of 3 weeks but when she called him to make enquires he had informed that he was sick so she (Victim) asked her children to go and see their father.

The case was then adjourned to 3rd June 2024 at 11am.

 Yugo Sowe is charged with attempted murder, assault causing grievous bodily harm, intentional harm, wounding and domestic violence. He is accused of trying to cause the death of his wife (name withheld) on the 16th of November 2023 in Brikama-Jalambang by hacking her with a cutlass, resulting in fatal injuries to her legs, arms, and other body parts. 

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