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Published On: Tue, Jun 11th, 2024

Victim testifies husband had cast a spell on her

The victim, in the alleged attempted murder trial against Yugo Sowe, told the court during her cross-examination by Defense Counsel O. Susso, that her husband (Yugo Sowe) had cast a spell on her.

During the cross-examination, Defense Counsel O. Susso told to the victim that she had previously told the court that she couldn’t report the allegations of domestic violence to the police because the accused had cast a marabout spell on her. In response, the victim confirmed that it was correct, and she explained that the accused had told her that unless a dead person came back to life and spoke, she wouldn’t be able to speak about the cow and land he sold. She also said that the accused had said that if an egg placed in one spot couldn’t move on its own, she couldn’t move from where he had placed her. Due to these reasons, she believed that he had cast a spell on her and even said that she could swear on the Quran about it.

Defense Counsel O.Susso further told her that, surprisingly despite the claim that the accused cast a spell on her, she still told her mother that the accused sold her land and cow, to that she responded that yes she had told her mother who asked her to let it go, which is the reason why she has forgiven the accused because when her mother was alive. what she asked of her was to leave everything in the hands of God hence she has left everything in God’s hands. Adding that where is currently staying with her children is owned by one Lankaba Touray she highlighted that he came to visit her at the hospital disclosing that the reason he had given the land to the accused was because of his children, expressing that he had now given the land to the victim as he would do the land transfers in her name when she feels much better.

The victim was asked about her marital life with the accused to which she confirmed that they had been married for 23 years with 7 children. She highlighted that there are marriages without problems but hers was an exception as there were a lot problems. She expressed that she was forced by her mother to marry the accused and since then there’s always been problems even though there were days where there was peace in their marriage.

Defense Counsel O.Susso asked her if it is correct that she had alleged that her problems with the accused started with a land dispute, she (victim) confirmed that it is correct. When also asked if it is correct that she had alleged in her evidence in Chief that the accused had sold her land she responded that the accused sold her land and cow as he also said that he was going to sell the house that she is currently occupying. When asked about the location of the land that the accused person purportedly sold, she replied that is in Jalambang.

The victim was also asked if she is aware that lands are registered in the owner’s name to that she said that she is
aware of that. When asked in whose name the land was in she replied that the land was in her name and that she was planning to give the Alkalo 3 goats so that he could give her the land papers as she highlighted that the previous Alkalo who was her father gifted her that property adding that she already had a house built on it.

Defense Counsel still confirmed if the land was in her name to that she said yes her name was on the land paper as the accused was the one who helped her build the house on the land. Counsel told the victim if she is aware that it is impossible for the accused to sell the land without her consent seeing as the land was registered in her name to that she responded that when the accused person was selling her property and her cow it was in her absence as she had traveled. Adding that she has forgiven the accused for all that he has done as she is not feeling well, she expressed that she has severe pain in her chest and that she is tired of the topic.

Counsel O.Susso then put to the witness that the accused cannot sell a land registered in her name to that she said that she has a witness that she owned the land that the accused had sold along with her cow. Adding that she can swear on the Quran.

The witness was asked when did the accused divorce her for the third time to that she replied that it was 3 years ago before he evicted her out of his house. She highlighted that when the accused was divorcing her, he had called the imam and his younger brother to serve as witnesses to the divorce. Adding that the accused had said that he had divorced her in this world and in the hear-after. The witness was also asked if it is correct that after the divorce the accused has relocated her to his house in Jalambang to that she said that when the accused divorced her for the third time, he had asked her to go back but it was the neighbors and good people who told the accused that the victim cannot go back home adding that the accused should look for a place for her to stay seeing as he had other places. She narrated that was how the accused relocated her to one of his compound in the bush which was part of Jalambang going by the geography location.

Counsel O.Susso asked the witness if she would agree with him that it was a kind gesture from the accused to relocate her to his compound in Jalambang as opposed to her alleged of domestic violence to that she replied that she does not agree, because the accused had asked her to go back Badibu but it was because of the children that he had to take them to the bush. Highlighting that it was not for her sake or happiness but for the children and also to put her in hard conditions. Counsel further asked her if she would agree that it is also possible for the accused to stay with the victim’s children together with her co wife in the other compound since the accused is their father to that the witness replied that the accused wouldn’t have allowed that, seeing as the accused hated her and even extended that hate to her children. She highlighted that the accused would not have allowed her children to stay in her house after she left.

Counsel O.Susso still asked if it is not a possibility for the accused to marry another wife and stay with her children along with the new wife to that the witness replied that is possible.

Time elapsed, and the court was adjourned to 11th June 2024 at 10am for continuation of cross examination of witness by defense counsel.

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