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Published On: Mon, Jun 3rd, 2024

Victim Continues Testimony in Alleged Attempted Murder Case Against Yugo Sowe

In the alleged attempted murder case against Yugo Sowe, the victim (Name Withheld) continued with her testimony against her husband (Yugo Sowe) before presiding judge Justice Jaiteh at the High Court.

Counsel M Signhateh for the state asked the victim (Name Withheld) what was the time interval from when she had the argument with the accused and when she told her son to go check on him (Accused) as he was ill, to that the victim (Name Withheld) replied that It took a few days, because when her son went to visit his father he came back and told her that his father is recovering well at the time her little son was sick as well.

Counsel M Signhateh further inquired from the victim (Name Withheld) if the accused had given her money from the sale of her cow to which she (Victim) said no the accused had not given her any money, as that also started some problems as he (accused) beat her up as a result of that.

The victim was asked to explain what she meant by he (accused) was beating her as a result of that, to which she responded that he (accused) was beating her as he (accused) once beat her and stripped her naked and as a result of that one of her children went into a well because of the sadness.

Counsel M Sanyang asked the victim if she had at any point, report this incident when it happened, to that she said she did not however all the elders in Jalambang witness it. When asked why she did not report the incident she (victim) said it was because of her parents and also because of marabouts as the accused believed in himself to an extent that he would tell her that none of this will ever get out and even if she goes to the police no one will listen to her.

The victim further told the court that she cannot say how many times the accused person has beaten her but all she can say is that to offend someone and steal from them, along with believing in one’s marabout stops at the prison gate. Counsel M Singhateh asked the victim what she meant by that to which she (Victim) said 

“What it means is that where he is standing right now opposite me he never thought that this day will come”.

The victim said the last beating she received from the accused was last year. She stated that “I can remember that particular beating it was around 5:00 prayer time I asked my child Abdoulie to go and pray but he refused and said he was playing with his toys but I told him before that he needs to pray first. I beat him up but he ran and hid behind his dad who was just from praying. He asked why I was beating the child I told him it was because of prayers and that was the time he beat me up as well.”

Counsel M Singhateh inquired how the accused beat the victim to which she (Victim) said that the accused used his hand and beat her on her cheek to the point that she fell on the ground with her cheek swollen. When asked if she had reported the incident she said no she didn’t report to anyone expect God because it was only the accused person, her and the kids in that bush.

When asked what happened to her (victim) that warranted her to sit in a wheelchair, she said the reason why she is in a wheelchair is because Yugo met her in her room and used a cutlass to chop her legs. When asked to explain starting from how it happened she said on that day she did not know that the issues they had prior would make him (accused) to come and do what he did to her in the middle of the night when she was sleeping. She highlighted that she is thanking God that she is alive and that he (accused) didn’t cut her neck off and that she is sitting face to face with him today.

When asked how she knew that it was the accused who attacked him that night, she (victim) said “It was Yugo as he left his wife and children in bed and came to attack me, on that day I changed my sleeping position, where I normally put my leg was where I put my head on that day. If he had hit my head instead of leg I would have died as we would have been saying a different thing, I knew it was him as I had recognized him”.

She was asked how she was able to recognize him at night to that she said “

On that evening, the light in my bedroom was on, he was wearing a haftan with a scarf around his neck, when he chopped my leg up to my knee I shouted and told him Gorgi why are you trying to kill me, that was the time he ran and I saw him. He wearing a haftan which was not black nor white it was a turquoise color.”

Counsel M Singhateh asked the victim to tell the court, which parts of her body were affected as a result of this attack to that she (Victim) said her right hand and her left fingers along with her legs.

The time allocated for the trial elapsed and the case was adjourned to the 4th of June at 11am.

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