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Published On: Thu, Nov 30th, 2023

US Embassy launches new American Corner

The Ambassador of the United States to the Gambia, Sharon L. Cromer has on Tuesday launched new educational center called American Corner situated at Fajara, next to the Tropics Hotel.

The inauguration brought together various dignitaries from the US Embassy, government officials, Principals of various schools and students from Nusrat Senior Secondary School and Methodist Academy among others.

The new American Corner is aimed to create a hub for valuable information, education, and cultural exchange with further objectives to transforming the American Corner into a vibrant space where the public, especially students, and teachers can access a wide range of resources, programs, and events.

In her opening remarks, US Ambassador Sharon L. Cromer said that the Gambia today, is an example of a people, longing for democratic freedoms and economic opportunities and of a long-term commitment to progress.

Ambassador Cromer said “Americans and Gambians share the same democratic values. Americans have a vibrant history, a wonderfully diverse culture and much like the people of The Gambia, an unyielding pursuit of freedom and opportunity.”

She stated “the new American Corner in The Gambia is more than a new building or a new location. Adding that the American Corner is a living symbol of the enduring friendship that unites our two nations. It will serve, as it has in the past, as a dynamic platform where the core values and cherished traditions of America and The Gambia come to life, ready to be explored, shared, and celebrated.”

“The Fajara American Corner complements our American Corner in Bundung, which continues to thrive thanks to our partnership with Africell. There, we focus on STEM and have many exciting education programs, including a course on 3-D printing for young people,” she noted.

For his part, Professor Pierre Gomez, the Minister of Higher Education, Research Science and Technology said that “the establishment of this library, which has been made possible through the collaborative endeavors of the esteemed American Embassy, serves as a powerful representation of our unwavering dedication to the advancement of education, promotion of literacy, and the reinforcement of the shared principles that unite our nations.”

He added that the American Corner exemplifies the essence of intellectual inquisitiveness, offering a haven for knowledge acquisition, investigation, and the interchange of thoughts and concepts.

“Libraries play a crucial role in promoting equity and inclusivity by providing individuals with an equal opportunity to access a wealth of information and knowledge, irrespective of their diverse backgrounds or varying socio-economic circumstances,” Prof Gomez noted.

He advanced saying that these spaces serve as a unifying platform for communities, where the rich tapestry of history intertwines with the present, and where the foundation for a promising future is laid.

“The establishment known as the American Corner, serving as a symbol of the lasting camaraderie between our nations, shall assume a crucial function in cultivating the cognitive development of individuals, advancing intercultural comprehension, and cultivating a spirit of togetherness within our society,” he mentioned.

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