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Published On: Thu, Jan 18th, 2024

TIKA Hands Over Cancer Laboratory to Bundung Maternity Hospital

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) through the C3G Organization (Cancer Confrontation Care and Consultation The Gambia) on Tuesday handed over Cervical Cancer Screening and Diagnostic laboratory and among other equipment to the Bundung maternity and child care hospital.

During the handing over ceremony the program Manager of the National Cancer Control Program (NCCP) Dr Kebba Bojang said that the equipment been handed over are specifically for Screening and early detection of Cervical Cancer, adding that as a country it will greatly target the global attainment of the elimination for Cervical Cancer by 2030.

Mr Bojang further highlighted that their office’s target is to make sure that by 2030, 90% of the girls (teens) at the age of 15 are fully vaccinated against Human papillomavirus (HPV) and 70% of women are screened with high performance test, and 90% of women identified with Cervical Cancer receive treatment. Adding that there institution is developing the national human papillomavirus vaccination (HPV) guideline for teens and women in the Gambia.

He concluded by appealing to all the civil service organizations in the Gambia to reach out to them, when it comes to cancer for them to be able to improve cancer control in the country and he also appeal to the government of Turkey through the TIKA to provide a HPV machine for Bundung hospital for processing the samples that are coming from other health facilities.

He concluded saying that Cervical Cancer is the most common cancer in females in the country and the most common cause of death, adding that cancer is preventable and can be treated when detected early in which through Screening it can be identified and can easily be treated.

The Cheif Executive Officer of the Bundung Maternal Hospital Mamadi Cham during his speech said that the commemoration of the annual fight against cancer which was slated in October, was a turning Point and motivation for the hospital to establish a clinic for rooted breast and Cervical Cancer Screening.

However Adding that, it resulted the hospital to mobilize some basic equipment and supplies including the procurement of the Cardioxide cylinders to facilitate cryotherapy, in which he also disclosed that from November 2020 the hospital has been operational from Mondays to Fridays and up to 785 women were screened following the 2022 free breast screening by C3G.

The (TIKA) Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency’s Coordinator Tule Bayar noted that it is the first of its kind for the history of Bundung Maternal Hospital to have a lap for Screening and detection of Cervical Cancer, and which the equipment are suitable for the treatment of breast cancer, adding that she is overwhelmed to be the first providers of certain facilities within the hospital.

She further anticipate that the lap will be put into good use and expects that the facilities to go a long way in improving the health care services of the women in the Gambia.

In his speech Tolga Bermek, the Republic of Turkey’s Ambassador to Banjul stated that these facilities will benefit many patients on the risk of Cervical Cancer and that they are aware of the Gambia’s Ministry of health in developing the capacity of hospitals in terms of Cervical Cancer treatment.

Mr Bermek added that the ministry of health is doing its best to raise awareness on cervical cancer and he assure that these equipment will be a complementary support from TIKA for their ongoing efforts and achievements.

The Representative from the Ministry of health and Permanent Secretary professor, Omar Jah Jnr, said from statistics that every 1000 women in the Gambia, 98 may have Cervical Cancer and for every 1000 women with those cancers 57% may die, and that this occasion marking the handing over of Cervical Cancer screening equipment and opening of the clinic are from concern and committed institutions.

He further expressed his appreciation to all the partners especially to C3G, TIKA and the government of the Gambia, and he promised that the facilities will be used to provide the much needed Cervical Cancer Screening to the people of the Gambia.

The facilities been handed over at the event to Bundung Maternal and Child Care Hospital worth 20, 375 dollars, and the list of the facilities were: Coloscopy-1 pieces, Transvaginal Ultrasound machine-1 peices, Gynae examination bed-1, Biopsy forseps-20 peices, Disposable speculums- 500 peices, Thermo coagulator-1, Cyto brush – 500, Ayres spatula- 500 and Stand examination light- 1.

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