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Published On: Mon, Jun 3rd, 2024

Three Americans detain in Congo after Alleged coup Attempt

The spokesperson of the US embassy in Congo Greg Porter on Monday 4th June through an Email to the Associated press has said that they have not received any details or even been provided access to see Americans who have been arrested in Congo after an alleged coup attempt last month.

Names of the three Americans said to have been arrested and accused of having a role following an alleged coup in Congo have been released by the Congolese Army with a family wanting to know if their son is alive.

He further said their priorities as of now is providing consular assistance to the detained Americans such as visit, to provide them with medical care and to help find English-Speaking Lawyers for them.

An Army spokesperson has said more details will arise later as the Congolese authorities refuse to say whether the Americans will appear in Court for their alleged involvement in a coup in Congo.

“Malanga, who in the past declared himself Congo’s president in exile, live-streamed the attempt to overthrow the government with his Utah-born son, Marcel Malanga, as they threatened President Felix Tshisekedi from inside the presidential palace. Malanga was shot dead for resisting arrest, the Congolese army said. In all, six people were killed and dozens arrested.” African News

Their fate remains Unclear and families said that their kids are unaware of Malanga’s intention but some team mates alleged that Marcel offered to pay them up to $100,000 to join him on a “Security job” in Congo as reported by African News.

According to them, the coup which occurred on the 19th of May 2024 was led by a little-known opposition Figure and a former military officer based in the US Christian Malanga.

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