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Published On: Fri, Sep 16th, 2022

The Time Set for Cabinet Retreat Implementation Plan Period at The Edge

It is almost four months since the end of the 2022 Cabinet retreat where all Gambia government ministries were tasked to implement the recommendations of the retreat and report to the executive as a whole.

In June, 2022, the Vice President of the Gambia, Badara A. Joof, assigned a task that three to five months down the line period to all the Ministries for the implementation of the recommendation of the retreat and report to the executive as a whole is ticking through.

Therefore, the time frame for the implementation of the retreat and report to the executive is almost at the edge.

It could be recalled that the Cabinet retreat was held at the Sir DawdaKairabaJawara International Conference Centre last June where the Vice President made these remarks with great considerations to the Gambian people who he said have great expectations, and are no longer at ease, and with this, it prompts the need to deliver the development agenda of the government with identified ten priority areas to make Gambians at ease.

For the first time in the history of all previous cabinet retreats since independence in 1965, The Gambia government through the Vice President has in with so much commitment for therealization of a better Gambia by tasking all ministries with a time frame to an implementation of government agenda.

This came with an assurance made to the President that this year’s retreat was to be a different type they discussed the pressing priority development imperatives of the country and come up with an implementable action plan that has timelines and with people who would deliver and give results with a time monitoring task force.

To that regard, three or five months, Gambians are expecting huge differences with great improvements in all sectors to the interest of the citizens.

To meet the assurance made by the Vice President to the head of state before the 2022 maiden retreat, it is now with the responsibility of the various ministries with their related departments to accomplish the outcome of the retreat with better implementation of their performance to the interest of the Gambians.

The expectation is that after the implementation of the self-assets, they would able to assess the progress made, how far they have gone, the implementation constrains and the panacea to those implementations constrains.

In three to five months, according to the Vice President, at the level of the cabinet they should look back at the Ministry of Public Service together with the Office of the Vice President with the respective sectors to ask for performance indicators on how far have they gone in their respective ministries in implementing the recommendations of the retreat and report to the executive as a whole.

He assured that if there should be any constrains, let them be aware, and on the basis of that, they will able to trace their steps again and see how they can recalibrate things and see to have maximum implementations for maximum impact on the lives of the Gambians and it would continue like that until they have realized their goals, especially now that everyone is watching and taking note.

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