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Published On: Mon, Jan 17th, 2022

“The State VS General Saul Badjie” Court Hearing Adjourned

The court hearing of the State vs General Saul Badjie, major Landing Tamba and Musa Badjie was held today at the high court this morning.

General Saul Badjie and co are not charged with any crime but they appeared before the court on suspicion of having committed grave offences as per TRRC for a period of 90 days to permit and facilitate further investigation pending the preferring of formal charges.

The state was making an application for the continuous detention of Saul Badjie whiles Saul Badjie and co are not yet charged.

When the hearing was made the judge called Saul Badjie and co to the witness box and  lawyer of the accused,Sheriff Kumba Tambedou told the court that his clients should not enter the witness box because they have not yet been charged

The judge then opposed the lawyer’s opinion and said that,there is a process of the matter to be transferred from the lower court to the high court.  Lawyer Sheriff insisted that Saul Badjie and co are not charged and he wants to argue that their  detention is illegal because a person can not be detent without being charged.

Following that the court gave lawyer Sheriff Kumba two days to drift an adoption brief before the court and the state as well two days and the court hearing is adjourned to the 24th January 2022.

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