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" /> Voice Out Digital “The killings happening in Foni must stop” says BAC Chairman | Voice Out Digital
Published On: Wed, Feb 21st, 2024

“The killings happening in Foni must stop” says BAC Chairman 

The chairman of Brikama Area Council (BAC) Yankuba Darboe, speaking at the funeral rite of Duwa Badjie (who was reportedly shot and killed by Senegalese soldiers stationed in Casamance) in Gilanfary village in the Foni Bintang Karanai saying that the killing that are  happening in Foni must be put to stop.

Yankuba Darboe stressed that nobody can get away with murder in Senegal. He mentioned that the same should apply in The Gambia, and if the governments of both countries don’t take action against the killings in Foni, the Senegalese soldiers could be taken to the Ecowas Court.

Mr Darboe stated “it’s time that we think outside the box. If the two governments can’t take a step about this, it is time that we go to the ECOWAS Court of Justice for redress. It’s our fundamental human right. This is what the deceased want, life is so precious, You can’t kill someone and go scot free. There is a right to life and whosoever takes the life of someone, we should reach where we are supposed to reach,” he said.

Yankuba Darboe added that they want to engage the National Assembly Members (NAMs) of Foni first and see ways of suing the Senegalese soldiers to the ECOWAS Court saying that the soldiers can’t be killing people and go scot free.

Speaking at the same event, Minister of youths and sports Bakary Badjie, called on the two governments to work together in addressing the issue that is frequently happening in Foni, saying they want the government of The Gambia and Senegal to discuss between themselves so that those Gambians that are currently arrested and detained in Senegal be released.

The chairman of the APRC No-to-Alliance, Yahya Tamba described the death of Duwa Badjie as so “painful”, adding that this is the seventh person killed by the Senegalese soldiers and that The Gambia government is aware of it, but has done nothing and  still now, they have not been informed of any investigation that has been conducted over the death of Haruna Jatta despite numerous calls for the government to conduct an investigation on the matter.

“If the entire Foni wants to protest, it wouldn’t be good for the government and foni is behind the government and we wouldn’t do anything that would jeopardise the country’s peace and stability. “However we want the government to do something about the border issue as stray bullets are landing on the Gambian soil, adding that it is a violation of international laws” Mr Tamba said.

Mr Tamba stated that they don’t want the Gambian soldiers to be fighting with the Senegalese soldiers, but they want them to end the hostility.

The NAM for Brikama North, Alhagie S. Darboe emphasizes that The Gambia and Senegal are one and it is important that they respect our fundamental human rights, emphasizing that anger and panic in the Foni, thus it is important that the government give them protection. And that he has been saying this for a while and will say it during the National Dialogue at the State House that the government should not compromise the sovereignty of the country.

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