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Published On: Tue, Feb 20th, 2024

Suspect Reveals To Pre-planned Operation Targeting Victim Ali Sey For Robbery

The police commissioner in charge of WCR, Pateh Bah, revealed that the suspects confessed to a preplanned operation lasting five days. Their intention was to rob Ali Sey, a resident of Fajara. They went armed with a gun, intending to attack and rob him for money.

Mr Bah disclosed this during the press briefing that the police had organized to give an update on the recents incidents.

According to the Commissioner of  police in charge of WCR Pateh Bah, the robbery incident that took place on Thursday 15th of February 2024 in the morning at Fajara said that  two suspects who are linked with the robbery  (a Gambian and a  Sierra leonean national) have been arrested and charged with several counts.

Mr Bah added that according to a victim Ali Sey who is a businessman, an individual attacked him  in which they fought while someone else was in a BMW vehicle waiting for him. He added that the moment they didn’t succeed, the guy fled the scene. 

Mr Bah further explained that they later investigated to find out the owner of the vehicle and found out that the vehicle was parked at a mechanic garage and the owner of the mechanic was invited for questioning and he said that he was the one who lend the car to the first suspect Seedy Gaye and he confronted Mr Gaye and he was able to revealed his counterparts and then confessed that they are ones who committed the crime.  

Meawhile, Mr Bah said that the number plate that was attached on the car was stolen from the garage when the suspects were on the  operation and then after the operation, they returned the car in the garage and then steal another number plate to attached it on the car, and he added that the victim is doing well but was experiencing body pain and the perpetrators have been arrested and charged with several counts, and later that they will proceed with the prosecution for their case to be heard in court.

The senior police officer Mr Bah concluded that most of these crimes are committed by foreign nationals in the country and the idea of such crimes are imported too.

The police commissioner Pateh Jallow said that if the criminals are not tired, they won’t also be tired to capture them and he want to assure the public that the Gambia police force is doing their utmost best to look after their safety and to make sure that the crime rate is reduced to zero in the country, and that he is thanking the public for their support and information that the GPF need to achieve what they have accomplished today. 

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