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Published On: Wed, Oct 11th, 2023

State vs Paulo Djabi & Co Trial Adjourned

Earlier today the case for Paulo Djabi, Nadine Pereira, Mamadu Neto Djabi, and SecunaJabi has been adjourned to October 17, 2023 for the state to reconsider their application. The four individuals are facing charges of 15 counts of money laundering and drug-related offences. They had previously been granted bail, but the Drug Law Enforcement Agency Gambia (DLEAG) did not comply with the court order to release them and instead filed an injunction at the High Court.

When the case was announced to commence the proceedings, Lawyer Sheriffo Tambedou announced his representation for the accused alongside L.S. Camara, Kaddijatou Jallow, and Coumbeh Gaye, while the State was represented by R. Jack.

Justice F A Achibonga raised concerns about the application submitted by the State, noting that the injunction application may not be the appropriate course of action. In response, State counsel R. Jack asked the court for more time to advise themselves.

Counsel Tambadou, representing the accused, argued that the court must address the issue of the fundamental rights of the accused persons who are currently in custody. He expressed his view that the accused should be released.

“We are here and ready to argue the application,” said Tambedou, emphasizing his readiness to proceed with the case.

Justice Achibonga highlighted that the court’s concern was whether an injunction was the appropriate application in this particular case. Since there were doubts about the proper application being before the court, the judge deemed it appropriate to allow the State an opportunity to reconsider their approach.

Counsel Tambadou further expressed that the State should utilize the time provided to fulfil the requirements, considering their access to ample resources. They requested that the accused individuals be released on bail.

Justice Achibonga clarified that bail was not currently under consideration unless and until the court had reviewed the proper application.

“I have looked at the filed processes, and while the liberty of the accused persons is at stake, I believe it is necessary to adjourn the suit to enable the State to re-evaluate the processes filed before we proceed with the application. Therefore, the case will be adjourned to a shorter date,” stated Justice Achibonga.

Consequently, the case has been adjourned to October 17, 2023, allowing the State an opportunity to appropriately address the concerns raised and present the necessary application to the court.

source & Contributor: Kexx News

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