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Published On: Mon, Nov 27th, 2023

SSHFC Reveals Powerful Partnership To Strengthen And Optimize Inter Group Alliances

The Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) has unveiled its powers for effective partnership to unlocking potentials to possible map out strategies alliances for progress to its subsidiary organizations with the primary focus to strengthen and optimize intergroup trade within the SSHFC Family framework.

These unlocking potentials were revealed during SSHFC’s event with its subsidiary organizations held at the Sun Beach Hotel in Bakau on Friday night.

The unveiling of the strategies will play a pivotal role to unite SSHFC’s subsidiaries and majority-held companies. It will also create a platform where the subsidiaries could mutually demonstrate their strengths and explore opportunities for collaborative success. 

The event followed the successful launch of the SSHFC Family Concept on March 1, 2023, anchored on fostering intergroup trade among the diverse SSHFC subsidiaries which include Trust Bank Gambia, Gambia Public Transport Company (GTSC), Gam Petroleum Storage Facility Company Limited, West Africa Leisure Group (Ocean Bay Hotel and Resort and Sun Beach Hotel) and ECOTRA Group, Gambia Limited.  

The event witnessed awesome slide presentations by the various partners to showcase their competencies and potential collaborations with the intention to be an engaging session allowing for constructive dialogue among participants.

In her presentation, Njilan Senghore, Managing Director of Trust Bank Gambia Limited made a call to action that resonated strongly as she implored members of the SSHFC family to leverage the existing innovations.

Trust Bank, positioned as a stalwart ally, has expressed its unwavering commitment to providing essential support conducive to the seamless execution of business processes within the family, MD Senghore stated.

“The resounding endorsement continued as the General Manager of Gam Petroleum shared firsthand testament to the indispensable services consistently provided by Trust Bank,” the Trust Bank MD said.

 “His address underscored the pivotal role the bank plays in facilitating the operations of businesses within the SSHFC family. He also encouraged fellow members to capitalize on the same support.”

However, she said, Trust Bank’s illustrious journey and unique achievements took center stage, solidifying its stature as a premier financial institution in the Gambia. “This recognition served as a testament to the bank’s commitment to excellence and its pivotal role in shaping the financial landscape,” she added.

For his part, Mustapha Colley of the GTSC, said that his company had underscored its pivotal role in driving the socio-economic development of The Gambia. 

“As the preeminent road transport entity in the nation, the company showcased notable recent achievements,” he added.

Speaking on behalf of the Ecotra Group, Mr Sarjo Badjie revealed that the Ecotra Group has unveiled ambitious plans for the commencement of its commercial animal feed production by July 2024.

He said the imminent operation of the facility signifies a substantial leap forward in the company’s endeavours, boosting a commendable Animal Feed Mill Production Capacity of 15,000 Metric Tons per annum, coupled with a robust Rice Mill Production Capacity of 30,000 Metric Tons per year.

In her remarks, Madam Valerie Cassell, director of Marketing at West African Leisure Group (WALG) – encompassing Ocean Bay Hotel and Sun Beach Hotel,  explained that a compelling showcase unfolded, accentuating the unparalleled offerings of the five-star establishments.

She said that emphasis was on positioning these luxury hotels as premier venues for corporate events within the “esteemed SSHFC family”.

She said that a notable proposal put forth involved the introduction of a co-branded debit card, tailor-made to augment intergroup trade, offering exclusive discounts to member institutions.

“Strategic collaboration with Trust Bank was suggested to establish a specialised account catering to the financial needs of hotel staff, inclusive of access to loans and comprehensive financial education programs,” she stated.

In his statement, Gam Petroleum’s Managing Director Yero Jallow highlighted his company’s pivotal role in furnishing storage facilities for imported fuel, underscoring the ongoing strategic backing from SSHFC.

“The company articulated its eagerness to delve into additional collaborations with the Gambia Transport Service Company,” he noted, saying: “Additionally, Gam Petroleum outlined potential investment prospects for members of the SSHFC family, including the conversion of its Banjul depot into a prominent office complex available for leasing.”    .

The proposal, he said, also encompassed the acquisition of state of-the-art fuel tankers to facilitate the transportation of fuels across local and regional domains.

In his concluding remarks, SSHFC’s Managing Director Saloum Malang emphasised the incredible strides achieved by the SSHFC Family Group with emphasis on the pivotal role played by The Gambia Transport Service Company (GTSC) in facilitating seamless movement of goods and services within the country and the broader sub-region.

MD Malang detailed on expansions, such as doubling the daily GTSC buses to Dakar and back from two to four, as well as the forthcoming route from Banjul to Touba in Senegal.

Highlighting the procurement of modern buses with state-of-the-art facilities, he said: “The GTSC Kairaba’s fleet  boosts cutting-edge amenities, including onboard internet connectivity and state-of-the-art LCD entertainment screens.”

He continued: “GTSC has innovatively implemented solar-powered bus stops, equipped with convenient facilities for customers to charge their electronic devices and illuminate the surroundings while awaiting the arrival of the buses.”

MD Malang also affirmed the Corporation’s commitment to extending social security services to the informal sector, showcasing its pioneering efforts in integrating non-formal workers, including market vendors and individuals from varied socio-economic backgrounds.

He highlighted the establishment of a dedicated committee tasked with orchestrating strategic initiatives to realize the strategic objective.

He mentioned SSHFC’s interest in investing in the health sector by giving considerations to the shortage of key medical scanning facilities such as CT Scanners, MRI, Mammography, Ultrasound Scanners, and Endo-cardiography scanners in the country.

“SSHFC is considering investments in this domain (depending on viability) to provide cutting-edge medical scanning equipment, addressing a current void within the domestic market for reasonable returns on members’ fund within the shortest possible time,” he assured.

Mr Malang also urged the SSHFC Family members to foster intergroup trade initiatives, envisioning a mutually beneficial scenario for all stakeholders.

Expressing gratitude for their attendance, he reassured members of SSHFC’s unwavering commitment to supporting its various subsidiaries and companies in which it holds majority shares. He further emphasised collective dedication to advancing the group’s overall success and impact.

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