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Published On: Tue, Nov 1st, 2022

Some children who suffered from AKI died without taking any medication- says Tijan Jallow

Mr. Tijan Jallow, the Regulatory officer of the Medical Control Agency has confirmed that out of the 70 acute kidney injury kids that died, some of them died without taking any medication, adding that out of those 70 kids, some medications that they have tested, the medications were not affected.

Jallow made these remarks at a press briefing on the ongoing Acute Kidney injury amongst children in the country by the Ministry of Health with funding from Word Health Organization, held on Monday.

Mr. Jalow told the press that as an expert on medications, plus toxicity 99% of plaster mold toxicity affect the liver and the other remaining percent goes to different packs, adding that these plasterboard toxicity is caused by oxidation or hydrolysis which might be catalyzed by environmental factors.

“Some of these environmental factors oxygen, light, humidity, temperature, these environmental factors when a customer is exposed to it, is having an EMI that will be hydrolyzed then you will have para amino phenol that’s what lead to toxicity no standard goes right into quality of medication returned them,” he said.

Jallow further stated that they sentsome syrups to Ghana, for analysis and out of the 9 products that were sent to Ghana,promitacin has happen to contain diethylene glycol, adding that based on those  resultsthey collected the early syrup samples manufactured by maiden and pharmaceuticals, just to subject them to see whether they are all having those contaminated residual solvent.

He concluded that for the past 15 to 20 years, Gambia has experienced the highest season, because they have realize 95% of the kids that died from flooded areas, adding that some water sample, urine, and blood samples were collected from them where they found the presence of six different bacteria and three different virus species.

Lamin Sambou, Media Information Officer at the MoH gave a brief about how acute kidney injury may occur if a child contracts an infection, that it is usually caused by the E. coli bacteria, resulting in the blockage of the structures and blood vessels in the kidney and that taking certain medications that may be toxic to the kidneys can develop a sudden obstruction or blockage in the urinary tract, such as kidney stone, that prevents urine from leaving the body that has another disease or condition that damages the kidneys Current Studies.

He  further said that “We’ve seen that all the kids that were diagnosed with Aki have some form of diarrhea, some had vomiting, some had fever, these are the most common symptoms, but then as it progresses, because it does not just come like that. It goes from one stage to the other, but these are just the minor symptoms that may be observed.”


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