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Published On: Tue, Mar 26th, 2024

Rising Conflict Drives More People to Flee, Resulting in Tragic Loss of Lives

In a new report by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), alarming trends in migrant deaths and disappearances have been revealed. The report highlights that one in three migrant deaths occurs during their journey while fleeing conflict. Since tracking began in 2014, over 63,000 people have tragically died or are missing and presumed dead. The year 2023 marked the deadliest year yet, with a staggering 8,500 recorded deaths.

Jorge Galindo, the Spokesperson at IOM’s Global Data Institute, expressed deep concern regarding these figures. Even after a decade, people continue to risk their lives in search of better opportunities. Galindo noted that 2023 was particularly devastating, with over 8,500 deaths recorded. The majority of deaths, accounting for over 60%, are due to drowning. In the Mediterranean alone, more than 28,000 deaths and disappearances have been documented.

The report underscores the urgent need for enhanced search and rescue efforts. IOM calls for better coordination in data collection and identification processes to provide closure to the families affected by these tragedies. The Missing Migrants Project, which remains the only global open-access database on migrant deaths and disappearances, compiles information from various sources, including governments, UN officials, and civil society organizations.

One concerning finding from the report is the high number of unidentified deaths. More than two-thirds of documented migrant deaths remain unidentified. Despite political commitments and media attention, the number of migrant deaths continues to rise. It is a distressing situation that requires immediate attention and action.

(Source: IOM Report, March 2024)

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