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Published On: Thu, Mar 16th, 2017

If Racism Is the Sin of White America, Irresponsibility Is the Sin of Black America

By Ranches Lee Hall

There is always a sense of safety when we blame someone even if we are the ones on the wrong. Blame game is usually a self-protective response which is normally aimed at protecting our under-performance. Humans use it to shield themselves from repercussion. Considering the above definition, will I be justified to say that one of the plagues eating America is blame game? The whites are pointing their fingers at blacks while blacks are pointing at whites. Because of this counterproductive approach to sensitive matters, the bridge between white and black Americans continue to widen every other day. Surely, if racism is the sin of White America, irresponsibility is the sin of Black America.

The Revolutionary war in 1770s gave the nation a chance to reach for independence and freedom.

The reason why we went to war in the 1770s was to fight injustice, unfairness and oppression. Britain passed laws which gave them power to milk money from their colonists including America. In 1763 the French and Indian war which was fought North America left a huge financial dent on Great Britain. They demanded taxes from America so as to cover the debts. This led to discontent among Americans who felt that the reason why Britain went to war was to strengthen its empire. Anyway, America’s victory during this war led to independence and freedom. But, would you really rate America as a free country? Aren’t some of our laws aimed at benefiting the elite few?

The civil war in the 1860s gave the nation a chance to rid itself of slavery and racism.

During the civil war America was divided. States which supported slave trade went against Abraham Lincoln while those who valued human life stood by him. This was a grant opportunity for America to rid itself of racism and slavery. It seemed as if we learnt our lessons during that time. But did we? Could it be correct to say that the war was won but the ideologies behind the war are still tacked somewhere in people’s minds? Could that be the reason why there is so much insecurity and mistrust towards whites by blacks. Would I be justified to say that this is the reason why whites feel superior to blacks?

America keeps trying to forget what it is, without changing from what it is.

But really, what is the pink elephant in the room? The American dream is citizens’ (whether black or white) ability to achieve success through hard work and willpower. There has to be a level playing field. We have to deal with the real issues if we want a change. After all, you can’t change what you don’t see.

America a house divided against itself cannot stand.

The American people are one. For a long time we have been separated by race, background, and skin color instead of being unified by our same nationality as well as citizenry. Racial discrimination and ethnic isolation are toxic and should be avoided by all means.

We need to accept that we are all to blame for what our country has turned out to become. We need to agree that, if racism is the sin of White America, irresponsibility is the sin of Black America. Let us take our country back from disunity and division. It can be done. Remember, black or white, we are each others’ brothers keeper and strength.

Ranches Lee Hall is a pastor. He’s been online now for several years operating different blogs and online businesses and providing helpful information. He enjoy songwriting, reading the bible, playing the keyboard or piano he currently runs




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