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Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2024

PW6 Testifies He Was Using Both Sims In One Phone 

Ebou Sowe in his re-examination by DPP A.M Yusuf testified in court that he was using an iPhone XSMax and both his numbers A and B were inserted in that phone.

He highlighted that from September 2023 he using both phone numbers A and B with only just one mobile phone.

When he was asked by DPP A.M Yusuf if he knows where Bureng is located and to that he replied that yes it is in LRR. When further asked about Bondali he said it is in the Fonis.

He was asked to look at Exhibit D4 Page 5 and tell the court what was in the second to last line and he pointed that the call log shows that at 11:23am he was at Bureng and at 11:30am he was at Bondali which is in a span of nine minutes which he expressed that he wasn’t in any of those two villages as it is quite impossible for him to be at those two places in a span of nine minutes looking at the geographically location of the two villages.

DPP Yusuf asked him to look at page 12 Exhibit D4 which shows that he was at Gunjur as per his location as he was also asked to look at Exhibit D5 dated the 15th September if he can see his location to that Ebou Sowe replied that Exhibit D5 dated 15th September 2023 between 12 noon to 20:56 he was in Banjulunding as per the Exhibit D5 while Exhibit D4 within that same time interval he was in Gunjur.

To that Counsel Darboe for the first accused told the court that both the Exhibits were provided to the court by two different service providers with D4 from Africell and D5 from Qcell so the state cannot be comparing the locations of both Exhibits.

To that Justice Jaiteh said that should be left to the court to address.

DPP asked Ebou Sowe to tell the court how he would be at two locations at the same time and to that Sowe replied that it is quite impossible for him to be in two different locations at the same time.

That was all the DPP had for Ebou Sowe in the re-examination, so Justice Jaiteh discharged Ebou Sowe.

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