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Published On: Tue, Dec 19th, 2023

PW6 Testifies Alleged Shooter Confess To Discarding Murder Weapon

Ebou Sowe the state’s sixth witness and a police officer attached to the anti-crime unit, testified in the state Vs Ousainou and Amie Bojang that he (Ebou Sowe) along with the investigation team, interviewed him (Ousainou) and he confessed to discarding the murder weapon while fleeing after shooting the three officers.

Ebou Sowe (PW6) also testified that he (Ousainou) also revealed to them that the combat shoes and ‘hatfan’ he wore were in his house.

Officer Sowe (PW6) stated that after the interrogation the investigating team proceeded to Brufut and conducted a search at Ousainou’s house where they found the ‘hatfan’ hanging on the TV stand, which Ousainou confirmed as the one he had worn. Photographs were taken, and the item was collected as evidence. A combat shoe was also found during the search.

Sowe (PW6) also added that while returning to the Anti-Crime Unit, they asked the accused (Ousainou) to accompany them to the location where he claimed to have thrown the gun. However, despite the search, no weapon was recovered.

During his testimony, Officer Sowe, a resident of Sukuta and a police officer attached to the anti-crime unit, confirmed that he recognized both accused individuals from his line of duty as a police officer.

He (Officer Sowe) provided a detailed account of the incident, stating that upon receiving information at 21:45 about the shooting, he was among the first responders at the scene. When he arrived, the victims were already taken to the hospital for treatment.

Officer Sowe further testified that as an investigator, he conducted interviews with eyewitnesses, including three soldiers who provided descriptions of the perpetrator (Ousainou) as a tall and slim person. The soldiers handed over two empty bullet casings found at the crime scene to him (Officer Sowe).

He testified that when he (Officer Sowe) inquired about the suspect’s whereabouts, they informed him that they had pursued the suspect but he had managed to escape by entering an incomplete building.

When questioned about the soldiers who handed over the empty bullet casings, Officer Sowe identified two of the officers as Bojang and Jatta. However, he could not recall the name of the third person. Officer Sowe said he handed over the empty bullet casings to the police forensic officer for further examination.

Officer Sowe confirmed that he visited the route taken by the accused to escape on the following day and not on the night of the incident. He added that he left the crime scene at 5:00 am and continued to gather information about the case. He said around 10:00 am the next day, he accompanied the forensic officer to the escape route, where they discovered a shoe print and recovered an empty casing and photographs were taken as evidence.

Additionally, Officer Sowe testified that information reached him at the Anti-Crime Unit around 14:00 that a suspect had been apprehended in Senegal, then a team, led by Commissioner Sowe, was dispatched to collect the suspect, identified as Ousainou Bojang, and he was brought back to the crime unit at 20:00.

Officer Sowe (PW6) revealed that upon their return to the Anti-Crime Unit, he (Sowe) attempted to obtain Ousainou Bojang’s cautionary statement around midnight but the accused (Ousainou) requested to give his statement the following day due to fatigue. He (Officer Sowe) then recorded that and informed Ousainou that he could choose not to speak if he wished.

Officer Sowe also testified that on September 14th, further interrogation took place, focusing on the combat shoe worn by the suspect, adding that the accused (Ousainou) initially claimed to have worn a white combat shoe, but upon investigation, it was determined to be too clean to have been worn on the day of the incident.

Eventually, the accused (Ousainou) led the team of investigators to his family house, where he identified and confirmed the combat shoe he had worn. The shoe was taken by the forensic team as evidence.

Officer Sowe further stated that on the same day September 14th, he obtained Ousainou’s cautionary statement and a confession statement, both recorded in the presence of an independent witness. He +Officer Sowe) read the entire statement, which was confirmed by the accused (Ousainou) and the independent witness. He (Officer Sowe) recorded his details as the recorder of the statements.

The presiding Judge, Justice Jaiteh, adjourned the trial for the continuation of testimony to January 9th 2024.

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