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Published On: Tue, Jul 9th, 2024

PW6 Continues Testimony of Alleged Westfield Stabbing Murder

Earlier today at the High Court before Presiding Judge Justice Jaiteh, the sixth Prosecution witness Landing Jallow continues with his testimony in the alleged Westfield stabbing, which led to the death of Fatoumatta Kargbo a HM Bureau staff, where Arona Tine is standing trial for her alleged Murder.

Counsel A Gibba for the State asked the witness (Landing) how he was able to identify that the 4th phone belonged to the accused (Arona) to that he replied, he was able to do that when the accused (Arona) was discharged from the hospital. Adding that the phone was recovered and put in a paper bag.

When asked if he would be able to identify the phone along with the paper bag and how, he answered he would be able to identify the paper bag through his handwriting and the reference number. While he would be able to identify the phone through the color, mark as well as how broken it was with blood stains adding that it had sim cards of both Africell and Qcell.

 Counsel A Gibba asked him what the color of the phone was, to which he said it was a navy-blue phone. The witness was shown the phone which was wrapped in a brown paper bag. To which he confirmed as the same phone recovered. The phone was then tendered in by the State into evidence, with no objection from the Defense, the phone was admitted into evidence and marked as Exhibit P3.

The witness (Landing) was further asked about the bag containing the 2 spanners, and if he was able to establish the owner to that he replied yes, it was owned by the accused (Arona Tine). When further asked how he got the conclusion, he replied that, the accused (Arona) told him when they met at Ndemban Clinic adding that, when the accused (Arona) was also discharged and taken to the Police Station the same bag was shown to him and he confirmed that it was his.

State Counsel asked Landing what features would he use to describe the bag beside its content, he responded that it was a black cross bag with designs. When asked about the other bag that was recovered on top of the safe, he answered that it was a female bag, which the owner of the Bureau confirmed belonged to the deceased (Fatoumatta Kargbo) adding that the bag was a brown one which contained women stuff.

When further asked what he did with the two bags, he replied that he took them to the station. The bags were shown to the witness for identification, which he confirmed as the same bags recovered with two spanners in one of them. State Counsel A Gibba then applied to tender in the two bags into evidence and with no objection from the Defense Counsel O Susso, the Court admitted the bag and marked them as Exhibit P4 and P5.

The Prosecution also applied for Exhibit 5, that is the bag belonging to the deceased (Fatoumatta Kargbo) to be given to them so that they could return the bag and its content to the deceased’s family. Adding that they would take pictures of the content to hand to the court. With no objection from the Defense, Justice Jaiteh granted the application and ordered them to take photos of the content to give to the Court. The Case was then adjourned to the 22nd of July 2024 at 11am.

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