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Published On: Wed, Nov 22nd, 2023

PW3 Testifies She Was Not Aware Of One Million Dalasis Pledge 

 Mama Jabbie the State’s third Witness (PW3) in the case of state Vs Ousainou and Amie Bojang during her cross- examination testified that she was not aware of the One Million Dalasis Pledge promised by President Barrow for anyone who captures the accused. 

 Counsel Darboe during the cross-examination of PW3 asked about her awareness of a reward of one million promised by President Barrow for anyone who captures the accused. 

Mama Jabbie claimed that she was not aware of such a pledge. 

 It was further established that Mama Jabbie arrived in Jululung on Tuesday and met the 1st accused person on Wednesday. 

She stated that she did not spend a month in Dakar and denied receiving any payment for capturing the 1st accused. 

She also testified that the 1st accused was handed over to the Gambia Police at the border between Jululung and Silitii. 

 Mama Jabbie was also asked by Counsel Darboe about her knowledge of the shooting at the Sukuta traffic lights in which she stated that she became aware of it on Wednesday after the 1st accused arrived at her home around 2 am telling her of the killing of two police officers. 

 When questioned about which language she was communicating with Ousainou Bajang, the witness (Mama Jabbie) responded that she communicated with the accused in Mandinka. 

 When also asked about who picked up the accused from her compound, Mama Jabbie stated that it was the Jululung police who had taken him from her home. 

 Counsel Darboe continued the examination, seeking more information about the arrest. Mama Jabbie confirmed that it was indeed the police who had arrested him. 

 Counsel Darboe also inquired about Mama Jabbie’s living arrangements, to which she clarified that she was staying at a friend’s house, Yai Faal. She further revealed that Yai Faal was present when the 1st accused visited her (Mama Jabbie) at the friend’s house while the friend Yai Faal was cooking at the time. 

 Moving on, Counsel Darboe inquired about whether Mama Jabbie’s friend, Yai Faal, had provided a statement to the police to which Mama Jabbie responded by stating that she was not aware of if her friend (Yai Faal) had given a statement.

 Counsel Darboe further pressed Mama Jabbie’s memory, asking if she recalled the time she called Musa Camara, to which Mama Jabbie clarified that after calling the Jululung police, she subsequently called Musa Camara and informed him that the alleged killer, Ousainou, was with her . 

 Counsel Darboe proceeded, now focusing on the presence of Yai Faal when the first accused confessed to committing the murders to which Mama Jabbie affirmed that Yai Faal was indeed present during that conversation. 

 At this point, Counsel Darboe sought the court’s order to request Africell and QCELL to produce the call log of Mama Jabbie. 

The purpose of this request was to use the call log as a tool during the cross-examination of the witness. 

However, Counsel for the state, A.M. Yusuf, objected to the request, arguing that it would waste the witness’s time and noting that witnesses do not have time but the court granted the request by made by counsel Darboe as Justice Jaiteh, the presiding judge, recognized the importance of the witness, Mama Jabbie , to both the state and the defense. 

 Therefore, Justice Jaiteh deemed it appropriate to grant the defense’s request for the production of Mama Jabbie’s call log for a thorough cross-examination of the witness. The case was adjourned to the 28th of November 2023 for continuation of cross examination

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