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Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2024

PW2 Testifies That Fatou’s Body Was Covered In Blood 

Isatou. M. Barry a police officer, who appeared as PW2 today in Court before presiding judge Justice Jaiteh in the murder trial of Arona Tine testified that she saw Fatou coming out from the Forex Bureau with her body covered in Blood.

Isatou M Barry told the court that she recognizes the accused person from Westfield. 

She highlighted that she went to repair her phone at GSM Mobile Shop at Westfield during Jummah time around 13:40 to 13:50 from there she proceeded to Bloom Bank. She stated that as she was standing outside Bloom Bank she saw a a lady coming out of the Forex Bureau wearing an Orange dress with her body covered in blood.

PW2 (Isatou.M.Barry) further told the court that as Fatou fell on the ground with people crowding around her she saw the accused Arona Tine who was standing at the Varander holding a knife, Jacket and a Cross Bag stab himself.

When asked by Counsel A.Dibba what else she observed on the knife, she responded that there was blood on the knife and that the handle of the Knife was a sea-green color. She further said that after the accused stabbed himself with the knife, more people started coming and saying “where is he so we can kill him” in Wolof language. She highlighted that was the time the accused Arona Tine went back into the Forex Bureau .

Isatou.M.Barry said after the accused went back into the Forex Bureau she instructed the boys that were standing at the door to lock the door so that the accused person would not escape. She further stated that before the door was closed Students from the school of nursing that were at the scene tried to take the deceased (Fatou) to Westfield Clinic. Isatou highlighted that it was at this time that she contacted her colleague (Class) Corporal Badjie of the PIU to inform him that an armed robber came to HM Bureau de Change and he stabbed a young lady who is now dead.

PW2 said after a while the PIU came and surveyed the scene and picked up the accused person. She highlighted that the next day she went to the police station where she gave her statement.

Counsel A.Dibba told her (PW2) that she had earlier informed the court that she was at Bloom Bank and the incident happened at Westfield Alvihag to which she said yes. She was also asked about the distance between the two locations to which she said it’s not far. When asked what does she mean by not far she said the distance was not far as it would have been less than 30 meters as there wasn’t any traffic.

When also asked if she (PW2) saw anyone else coming out of the Bureau apart from the accused (Arona) and the now deceased (Fatou) she replied with a no. She was also asked if the PIU picked anyone else from the Bureau apart from the accused to which she also said no. She was also asked how she knew that Fatou was dead when she called Corporal Badjie to inform him about the armed robbery that had happened at Westfield where a girl was stabbed she replied that she knew base on how the girl (Fatou) wasn’t moving when she fell to the ground and also base on the way she was bleeding, (PW2) expressed that she had never seen anyone lose that amount of blood.

At this point Counsel A. Dibba for the state told the court that he had no further questions for the witness.

Counsel O.Susso started his Cross-Examination by asking PW2 (Isatou M Barry) that she told the court that she saw a lady collapsed while she was standing at Bloom Bank to which she replied with a yes. When also asked about how she told the court that the proximity between the bank and the place of the incident was less than 30 meters to that she said yes in her view she thinks the distance is less than 30 meters.

The time allocated for the case was up and the case was adjourned to 14th May 2024 at 12pm.

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