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Published On: Thu, Feb 8th, 2024

PW2 Testifies In Voir Dire

Alieu Cham, the independent witness who was present at the Anti-Crime on 15th September 2023 when Ousainou bojang’s voluntary statement was being taken appeared before Justice Jaiteh at the high court in the Voir Dire.

Alieu Cham a business man and a resident of Sukuta testified in Court that he does not know Anti-Crime police officer Ebou Sowe but he however recognizes Ousainou Bojang from the day that he was at the Anti-crime where we had an issue where by a white lady by the name Esther bought a car from him in 2021 then a Gambian man changed the car documents to his name and Esther took him to the Anti-Crime so he was called as the car seller.

Alieu Cham testified that when he got to the Anti-Crime he was seated under a mango tree at the entrance gate waiting for the guy that called him to the Anti-Crime when Sowe found him seated and told him that he had a case and wanted him to be an independent witness.

Alieu highlighted that when Sowe approached him there were a lot of people around so Sowe called him to the side and asked him to be an Independent witness to which Alieu Cham responded with “how”. Sowe explained to him that he needed to take the statement of someone and seeing as Alieu does not know him and he does not know Alieu either he can step in as a voluntary independent witness.

Alieu further explained that when he stepped into the room that the statement was suppose to be taken in he was asked to take a seat by the person that invited him and when he did within 4 to 5 minutes Ousainou was brought in and he(Alieu) and (Ousainou) sat opposite each other.

Alieu narrated that the person that brought him into the room asked Ousainou if he knows Alieu to which Ousainou replied with a no and the same person also told Ousainou that Alieu does not know me as well so that’s the reason why he was brought in to be both of their witnesses. Before the commencement of the taking of the statement Alieu revealed that the person that was suppose to take the statement and Ousainou were having a conversation in both Wolof and Mandinka language.

The case was adjourned to Monday 12th February 2024 for continuation of PW2 in the Voir Dire.

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