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Published On: Tue, Jun 11th, 2024

PW11 Testifies He Had Driven the 1st Accused from Darsilamin to Julunlung

Bubacarr Manneh (PW11) a resident of Marakisa and a motorcyclist by occupation, told the court that he had driven the 1st accused (Ousainou Bojang) from Darsilamin to Julunlung.

PW11 in his evidence in Chief told the court that he recognized the 2 accused persons as 9 months ago on a Wednesday, he saw them at his work place .He highlighted that at his place of work there is a list where every driver’s name would be written in order for them to follow the queue. He narrated that as he sat down around 12 to 1 he was informed that there was a customer highlighting that when he got there the customer was the 2nd accused (Amie Bojang), he explained that he had asked Amie Bojang where she was going to but she responded that she had a customer who was going to Julunlung adding that he had charged her 200 dalasis.

He (PW11) further told the court that after he had charged Amie Bojang 200 Dalasis, she told him that it was not a problem as she would even pay him 250 Dalasis for him to take the customer saying as they were all the same. PW11 explained that after Amie had given him the money, he asked her where the customer was and to that she replied that the customer was inside a vehicle. He narrated that Amie had gone to call the customer who then came to him. Stating that the customer who was Ousainou Bojang was asked to climb on the motorcycle but he had refused, PW11 said he asked the Ousainou if he had an ID, saying that people would normally go to the police station to show their ID and to that Ousainou replied that he had all his documents.

PW11 explained that Ousainou told him that he needed something along the way to which he (PW11) told him that there was problem as when he was ready he would come. He narrated that after some time of waiting he had followed Ousainou with his motorcycle as when he (PW11) got there he met Ousainou standing and he carried him and they left.

He (PW11) told the court that when he had met Ousainou he was holding a small bottle, narrating that Ousainou had climbed the motorcycle but on the way he did not see any sign of confusion or that Ousainou had done anything. Adding that Ousainou had sat quietly as they left for Julunlung. He explained that upon arrival Ousainou told him that he wants to go to Binjona but he does not know his way there, PW11 confirmed that he had called the head of the garage ( Chief de garage) who sells tickets as well as he told him he should help Ousainou as he wants to go to Binjona but does not know his way.

He explained that the chief de garage had asked Ousainou to sit down which put an end to their conversation as he left Ousainou there and returned back.

When PW11 was asked if he gave a
statement at the police, he replied with a no he did not give a statement to the police. When also asked when he was by the police after that incident he replied that it was 3 days after the incident that he was called by the police.

That was all council had for the witness, and Counsel J Darboe for the 1st accused proceeded to Cross Examination PW11.

Counsel J Darboe asked PW11 if he had signed any documents when he was called by the police to that he said no. When asked about his age he said he was 45 years. He was also asked about his telephone number to which he gave 7.

PW11 was also asked if he names were Buba Manneh or Bubacarr Manneh to that he said his name was Bubacarr Manneh.

Counsel O Sillah for the 2nd accused during his Cross Examination asked the witness to tell the court, on the day that he saw the 2nd accused what type of clothes was she wearing to that the witness replied that he cannot remember. When asked what time of the day it was and where he replied that it was around 12 to 1 at the border of Dasilamin.

PW1 was told by Counsel O Sillah if he (PW11) is telling the court that he cannot remember the type of clothes the 2nd accused person wore but he can remember how much he was paid to that PW11 replied that yes he cannot remember what the 2nd accused wore but he can remember how much she paid him. PW11 was further asked how he got in contact with the police to that he said upon his return he was told by one of his friends that some people who appeared to be police men were looking for him and if he had done something, expressing that as he was going to Darsilamin Hospital to see a friend he said the police but they did not recognize him expect for one who asked him to go with them.

Counsel O Sillah asked the witness if he was arrested by the police to that he said no he was not arrested. When asked if there was any identification parade at the police station in order for him to look at accused persons and identify who he took in his motorcycle, he said no and that they came with the woman who is sitting in-front of him (Amie Bojang).

Counsel still confirmed if there was no identification parade and to that he replied that no, not the day that he was called and questioned. When asked about subsequent days he confirmed that he was only called on that day.

Counsel then put to the witness that if he
cannot remember the kind of cloth the 2nd accused Person wore then he cannot recognize her at the station either but the witness replied that when the 2nd accused came he did not have the time to look at what she was wearing, instead he looked at her face and recognized her

When asked if he is aware that he is under oath he replied that yes he would not lie.
Counsel then put to him against that all that he said in court was fabricated but the witness replied that what happened was he took someone who happened to be Ousainou as if he is believed there are other witnesses at the garage as they were the ones who gave the customer to him.

Counsel put to the witness again that it is because of the 1 million dalasis ransom that was on the accused persons head that made him (PW11) to come forward as a witness but he (PW11)replied that it was not true as if he was to choose between truth and money to lie against someone he would choose truth. He expressed that what the accused is being accused of he does not know if he did it not all he knows is that he took him to julunlung.

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