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Published On: Wed, May 1st, 2024

PW1 Testifies He Heard Fatou Shout For Help

In the State Vs Arona Tine trial, the first Prosecution Witness (PW1) Sanna Cham a shopkeeper at Westfield who’s shop is next to the Forex Bureau took the stand before presiding Judge justice Jaiteh and testified that he heard Fatoumatta Kargbo the Forex Bureau Worker that was stabbed to death earlier this year at Westfield shouting for help.

During his testimony, PW1 (Sanna Cham)a 22-year- old resident of Sukuta confirmed that he recognized the accused, Arona Tine, from Westfield. Recounting the events of that fateful Friday, Sanna informed the court that as he was preparing for Friday Jummah Prayers, when he heard Fatou shouting for help. Sanna explained that he knew Fatou from Westfield, as their shops were located close to each other, but sadly, she had passed away.

 Sanna testified that as he rushed upon hearing Fatou shout, he found her outside her shop covered in blood while holding a knife, with the accused Arona following closely behind. Sanna further pointed that Fatou fell to the ground while pointing at the accused who picked up the knife with Fatou crawling away from him (the accused) which prompted him to stab himself in the neck before retreating back into the bureau which resulted to people around locking the accused inside the shop.

When asked what happened after that Sanna revealed that people surrounded Fatou to help her coverup as her underwear was showing. Nurses then arrived and took her away.

State Counsel A.Dibba also enquired about the color of the knife and what was on it to that the witness said the knife was a sea green color and that there was blood on it.

A.Dibba further asked the witness what he did after and he said they said there for a while then closed their shops and at that same time the accused was also taken by PIU Officers.

PW1 ( Sanna) further said he interacted with the police at Serrekunda Police Station  as he was asked by then what he saw and he explained just that. When also asked how close were their shops he said it was one shop that was divided into two.

 A. Gibba also asked him about his relationship with the deceased and he confirmed that she was a friend as he helped her in opening and closing her shop when she comes  to work. When asked if he assisted her in opening the shop on that fateful day, the witness informed the court that he had not seen her until the incident occurred.

Finally, Counsel A. Gibba concluded by stating that he had no more questions for the witness.

During cross examination O.Susso for the accused asked the witness if it is true that the deceased was a cashier at a Forex Bureau and also people visit the bureau for their monetary transactions and to that the witness (Sanna) responded with a yes to both questions.

Defense Counsel O.Susso further confirmed from him if he just saw Fatou coming out of the bureau and that he (Sanna) is just narrating what he saw outside the bureau and to that Sanna said yes he met with Fatou outside the shop. He was also asked if the only one he saw holding a knife was Fatou and to that he also said he said he saw Fatou holding a knife.

Counsel O. Susso also asked if he saw the accused attacking Fatou but he ( Sanna) responded that no he did not attack Fatou as he was standing at one place when he came outside of the bureau as Fatou fell when she came outside.

When further asked if he would agree that it was Fatou who attacked the accused with a knife based on what he saw but he said no Fatou didn’t attack the accused as Fatou was just pointing at the accused while holding the knife she then fell to the ground and the accused picked up the knife and Fatou crawled away from the accused.

Counsel O. Susso confirmed from the witness if he gave a statement to the police, confirming his name is Sanna Cham, a resident of Sukuta to that the witness said yes.

Then Counsel O. Susso sought to tender the witness’s statement as evidence, with no  objection from the State Counsel A. Gibba. The statement was admitted and marked as Exhibit D1.

Counsel O. Susso further asked the witness if at the time he was giving statement at the Police station  the facts of the event were fresh in his mind and he (Sanna) said yes.

Counsel O.Susso told the witness if he still maintains his position that the deceased never attacked the accused with a knife and wanted to stab him and the witness still maintained that Fatou did not attack as she was just pointing at the accused while holding a knife.

At this point time elapsed and the case was adjourned to 6th May at 11:30am.

The case involves Arona Tine who is standing trial for the murder of Fatoumatta Kagbo a staff of HM Bureau de Change at Westfield in which the prosecution alleged that Arona Tine stabbed Fatoumatta Kargbo with a knife causing her death.

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