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Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2024

PW1 Testifies British Lady Was Found In Septic Tank

First Prosecution witness (PW1) Amadou Badjie a police officer testified before Justice Jaiteh in the alleged murder trial of Augustine Bangura that the British lady Shakina Chinedu was found in a Septic Tank.

Whilst the witness was narrating the events that happened on the 16th of February 2024, he highlighted that while he was at the Turejeng Police Station the lady that lodged a complainant at the station about her missing friend came back to the station with one Omar and requested for them to go back and make more searches for the deceased to which he (PW1) said he told them that they had to wait as the station van was out.

He (PW1) said the complainant and Omar left on their own to go back to the property and after 20 minutes they came to the station with claims that they saw a septic tank inside the compound and that they believed that something was buried in there. He (PW1) highlighted that because of those claims he went back with them to the house and upon arrival he gave Omar a hammer and asked him to use a ladder and jump into the compound so that he (Omar) could break all the 3 pad locks to the gate in order for them to gain access into the property.

PW1 stated that upon his entry into the compound, behind the garage they saw marks of dragging which led them to a septic tank. (PW1) then said that he took a ladder which he used to go down into the septic tank where he saw the leg of the deceased (Shakina Chinedu). He (PW1) stated that after this discovery he contacted the fire service, medical health along with the police record coordinator officer and upon their arrival the body was taken out by the fire service. He gave a description of the deceased by stating that she was wearing tights and sport shoes with Rasta on her head.

Mr Badjie highlighted that the deceased sustained a wound on her forehead and after all those observation the body was then transported to the mortuary.

When asked where the dragged marked came from he (PW1) replied that the marks started from the back gate of the garage. When also asked what other marks were visible on the ground apart from the dragged marks he (PW1) said at the septic tank part of the sand was removed and used to bury the deceased hence when they saw the marks on the sand they concluded that something was buried inside.

When asked about the name of the C.R.O officer who was at the scene PW1 (Badjie) replied that it was Sergeant Lamin Manneh. He (PW1) also identified that it was the complainant and one Omar Colley who identified the body of Shakina Chinedu. Badjie further more stated that apart from the wound on the deceased person’s forehead she (the deceased) was also biting her tongue.

The case was adjourned to 21st May 2024 at 11:30.

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