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Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2024

PW1 Says Mam Tut Gave Him Wrong Identity  

Haruna Jarju, the first prosecution witness on the alleged fraud case involving Mam Tut Wadda told principal Magistrate Sallah Mbaye of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court that Mam Tut gave him a wrong identity as she claimed that her name was Amie Njie and she was working with the U.S. Embassy in Banjul.

PW1 testified that whilst speaking with the accused person on the phone, she introduced herself to him as one Amie and when he met her (Mam Tut Wadda) at her compound gate at Pipeline he made a deposit of D20, 000 as she again told him that she was working with the U.S. Embassy in Banjul and she is next to the consul.

Mr Jarju testified that he got a call from one of my friends, who goes by the name Muhammed Keita, who told him that the accused Mam Tut claimed to have a visa package to Europe and that there was only one place remaining, so Jarju should for it.

Haruna Jarju also told the court that he told the accused that he is not that much interested in visa applications as they have a lot of irregularities involved in the entire process, but the accused Mam tut interjected him by asking him whether a lady of her type could be a scammer. Jarju later highlighted that he told the accused person to give him her bank details so that he could deposit the money into her bank account which could serve as evidence in the future but the accused told him that she didn’t have Gambian bank account as she is currently based in America and that the only reason why she was in country is due to the visa issues.

Haruna Jarju proceeded to say that after he handed over the money to the accused for her to proceed with the visa transaction, the accused promised him that in a month’s time, he would go with the accused person to  the U.S. Embassy to meet the consul and do other necessary things so that the visa would be issued.

Haruna Jarju revealed that there was a particular day, when a friend of his informed him that Man Tut was a scammer and that she was dragged to court by Bright Star Entertainment, but when he (Haruna) approached the accused to confirm the claims she denied them.

He said that was when he decided to search the internet where he saw some videos of the accused being in custody, and that was when he realized that his friend was right after that he decided to contact the accused person but she was out of reach. He explained that he eventually got her on the phone and she promised him that she would pay him back but she never did.

 Mam Tut Wadda the accused person however denied receiving any money from PW1 (Haruna Jarju) as she claims that she was in a relationship with him and she never told him that she was a staff at the U.S. Embassy. To this Haruna Jarju responded by saying that, he has never been in a relationship with Mam Tut as because he is busy doing business, he does not have time for relationships.

The accused is facing charges of obtaining money by false pretence contrary to Section 288 of the Criminal Code cap 10:01 Volume 3 Laws of The Gambia 2009.

The case was later adjourned.

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