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Published On: Fri, Mar 1st, 2024

 PW1 Says 3rd accused confesses to taking part in Alleged robbery

Abdoulie Danso the first prosecution witness at the Kanifing Magistrate on wednesday 29th february2024 during his evidence in chief in the case of IGP vs Emeka Anthony 3 others told the court that during the investigation the third accused (Paul Ozima Iwu) confessed to him along with two CID officers that he( Paul Ozima Iwu)took part in the robbery that occurred on the 30th December 2023 at Kerr Sering, west coast.   

Mr Danso also highlighted that, as he drove along the road he took on 30th of December 2023 with two CID officers, the third accused was asked if he took the same route and he(third accused ) replied with a Yes 

“This continued until i got to my compound i parked directly opposite which was my neighbors compound, then he was asked again by one officer if that was where the car was parked he (third accused) said no. He was then asked where  the car a mercedes Benz with BJI 7078D  parked he pointed the opposite that was my compound”.PW1 said

Pw1 further said when they arrived at the scene, the third accused confirmed where the vehicle was parked and he was also asked to explain how they got access to the money in the car. That was when he(third accused) confessed that it was not him but rather said it was his brother.

According to pw1 he (third accused)explained that he was riding the motorbike while his brother had the master key, SI Jallow asked Mr Danso if by any chance  he remembered them accused persons  being asked if they had a master key, Danso relied  due to his excitement he didn’t know then that they had a master key.

When  further asked by SI Jallow if he Mr Danso saw them at any point with a master key, his response was he did not see them with a master key  but at some point during the investigation at Kairaba Danso confirmed that he heard  they used a master key to open the door.

The prosecution witness further explained that Mr Bah was one of the officers he met when he came to report the case as he further said he cannot remember the other officers. Mr Danso highlighted that during the investigations  the third accused  was asked how much money they took and he(third accused) replied by saying the cash was D40,000 instead of D50,000.

“During your evidence in Chief, you keep mentioning the third accused, do you know anything about the 1st, 2nd and 4th accused, please tell the court what you know about them” Asked by SI Jallow.

Mr Danso highlighted that he was given an appointment where he confirmed meeting all the four accused prior to that was the press briefing about the incident that occurred 30th December 2023 involving him.

PW1 added that his wallet was recovered in the belongings of one of the accused person’s, adding that he doesn’t know who’s belongings it was because he said  all their belongings were packed together.

Mr Danso said the fourth accused told him and the police officers that he owns the 10 Euro found in Mr Danso’s wallet and that he threw Mr Danso’s documents in the trash bin at the place they were staying.

‘’At this point i remember Mr Bah a CID officer asked the 3rd and 4th to be escorted  by 2 CID officers and we got into my car and drove to my compound, then positioned  the vehicle exactly where it was parked on the day of the incident, then they took photos and we drove back to the police station’’ Mr Danso said.

The case was adjourned to  Monday, 18th March at 1:30pm for continuation of evidence in chief by PW1

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