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Published On: Tue, Jun 4th, 2024

PW1 Continues Cross Examination In Alleged Murder Trial 

Amadou Badjie (PW1), a police officer, continued the cross-examination by defense Counsel O Susso in the alleged murder trial against Augustine Bangura.

Counsel O Susso for the accused as Amadou (PW1), about their visit to the compound of the deceased to which he PW1 said they visited the compound around 20:00 hrs but it was late and it was dark as well. Counsel inquired if there was no electricity when they visited but the Mr Badjie (PW1) said there is no electricity in that area and that they used their phone lights.

Mr Badjie (PW1) was asked how many of them were at the scene to which he responded that it was 4 of them. Counsel O Susso told PW1 that given that they were all using their phone lights, they were able to see the compound of the lady fully to which the witness (PW1) said that in his evidence in chief he said that he was the only one that jumped into the compound as the others waited outside. To that Counsel told him that considering that he used his mobile phone light ,his vision was not blurred at the time due to darkness to which he PW1 replied with a yes.

Counsel O Susso told the witness (PW1) “

In your evidence in chief you told the court that on the following day when you visited the deceased’s compound you saw foot marks on the ground is that correct?” PW1 replied with yes that is correct.

When PW1 was asked if he was able to see 

foot marks on the ground he said they saw 

 foot marks and marks of dragging on the ground. Counsel told him that as an experienced investigator were the foot marks picked up from the ground for examination to that he PW1 said yes a 

CRO officer picked the marks for examination. When asked by Counsel if to the best of his  knowledge, were the marks examined he (PW1) replied that he wouldn’t know as the next day he was redeployed.

The witness was also asked if there were any reconstruction of the crime scene during his investigation to that he said yes 

It was done but that was in his absence. When also asked if he knew the team of investigators that conducted the reconstructed the crime scene he (PW1) said he knows that Commissioner Boto Keita was leading the investigation panel.

Counsel asked PW1 if during the course of his investigation if he discovered that the deceased within weeks before the alleged incident broke up from a romantic relationship to that he (PW1) said he did not know anything about that. Counsel further asked PW1 if he played any active role in the investigation of this case to which  he (PW1) replied with a yes.

Counsel O Susso then put to Mr Badjie (PW1) that if he had played an active role in the investigation of this case he would have discovered that the deceased just broke up from a romantic relationship with one Bruce whose behavior was bizarre during the course of the alleged incident, he further put to PW1 that the friends of the deceased who lodged a complaint about missing nature of the deceased were suspicious of the behavior of Bruce which he (PW1) knew about but chose to ignore it to that PW1 still maintained that he did not know about any of that.

The time for the case elapsed and the case was adjourned to 1st of July at 10am.

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