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Published On: Wed, Nov 23rd, 2022

President Barrow Urged To Provide Sea-Ambulance For Immediate Referrals Of Patients From North Bank Region

The National Assembly Member for Lower Niumi Constituency, Honorable Tamsirr Cham has urged President Adama Barrow to consider providing a Sea-Ambulance to pave easy referrals for patients with critical conditions from the health centers in the North Bank Region to the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.

For the first time such an initiative is been raised in all previous tours, it goes with the belief that the initiative called for, would be of a great benefit in the health sector, particularly those in the North Bank Region. 

Honorable Cham was speaking on Monday during the meeting on the 2022 meet with the people tour held at NdunguKebbbeh community with this year’s theme “together we can accelerate socio-economic growth and maintain peace and stability”, is also regarded by communities of Lower Niumi as a great opportunity for their concerns been looked after by directly having to dialogue with the president.

In a brief interview with this medium during the meeting, Cham called on the president to help provide a Sea-Ambulance for the health sector, for instances where the ferries close from their daily operations and there is the need for immediate referrals to Banjul during odd hours.

He noted that most of the referral cases from the Lower Niumi, Upper Niumi and Jokadou are set for Banjul at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital. Adding that From FassNjaga Choi to NdunguKebbeh and later to Essau, while other referrals come from Jokadou to Essau Health Center, and from Essau health center, they also have referrals for patients with critical conditions to Banjul, which sometimes occurs during odd hours.

“Due to these circumstances, if we happen to have this Sea-Ambulance that would be staged on standby at Barra, it would be easy for us to transport the patient to Banjul for immediate medical attention,” he stated.

He advanced that “some of our main concern is fader roads, looking at the entire Upper and Lower Niumi and Jokadu, we have difficulties with regards to fader roads to easily access to hospitals or to the capital.”

He further signified the President’s tour, saying that it is significant to have the President on tour every year to have positive and effective dialogues with his electorates to able to solve most of the challenges encountered around the various regions. While he advised his people to exercise patience and to jointly endeavor in their own pursuit areas for national development.

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