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Published On: Wed, Apr 17th, 2024

 President Barrow Takes Unannounced Visit to Banjul Terminals, Addresses Ferry Concerns

In an unannounced visit on Tuesday afternoon, H.E. President Adama Barrow visited the Shipyard, GPA Container, and Canoe terminals in Banjul. The purpose of the visit was to receive an update on ferry maintenance, addressing the concerns surrounding the difficulties faced by commuters at the ferry crossing in Banjul.

President Barrow expressed his apologies to ferry users and the public for the lack of services caused by the breakdown of both the Kunta Kinteh and Kanilai ferries. He described the situation as an unfortunate emergency resulting from a lack of scheduled maintenance and poor planning, impacting both national and international commuters.

During the visit, the Shipyard Engineer, Musa Darboe, along with senior officials from the ferries and GPA, provided the President with progress reports. President Barrow observed the ongoing repair work on the Kunta Kinteh ferry and was informed by the engineers that they might complete the repairs earlier than the initially anticipated six-week timeframe.

After listening to the briefings, President Barrow concluded that the absence of a proper maintenance plan had contributed to the difficulties faced by commuters. He encouraged the workers to increase their efforts by expanding the workforce to expedite the repair process. Recognizing that running and maintaining the ferries incurred significant expenses, he emphasized the essential nature of the service and announced that a contract for two new ferries would be signed the following day, with an expected delivery timeline of 18 months.

In the meantime, President Barrow called for the support of technicians and the public, urging them to exercise patience as his government takes the necessary measures to address the situation. He advised the team to understand the urgency of the matter and reiterated his empathy for the ferry users.

At the Canoe terminal, President Barrow commended the boatmen and security officials for their efforts in maintaining calm and security in the area. He emphasized the importance of peace and encouraged everyone to remain calm in the face of the challenges being addressed.

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