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Published On: Mon, Apr 8th, 2024

“President Barrow of Gambia will make a wrong political calculation as people will not allow his candidate to fly’’ says Nigerian Prophet

Primate Elijah Ayodele, leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church one of Nigeria’s top church leaders, self-acclaimed prophet upon speaking on his prophecies for countries in the continent yesterday announced that President Adama Barrow will make a wrong political calculation as the people will not allow his candidate to fly.

He said that president Adama Barrow needs to seek the face of God because there will be a lot of issues to contend with and that his predecessor will form a coalition against him, adding that the opposition is preparing to weaken his efforts, advising him to strategise and be careful of his political steps.

Mr Ayodele further revealed that the continent would experience division in the next four years which will lead to the breakage of some bodies like African Union and the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, adding that he foresees the formation of a new union and the emergence of a new African revolutionary leader.

Primate Ayodele emphasized ‘’Africa in the next four years will experience a lot of division, countries will break out of the African Union and there will be a new union which countries will join, majority of African countries will fight their colonial masters in order to be totally free from them and i see a new African revolutionary leader that will open the eyes of other presidents in the continent’’ he said.

 Mr Ayodele disclosed that president Teodoro Obiang must continue to pray for his health, he must pray for him not to slump suddenly. There will be changes in his cabinet. The president’s policies will frustrate expatriates and the vice president, Teodoro Nguema will be indicted for corruption.

He further stated in Guinea the country must be very careful because the Junta leader, Colonel Mamady Doumbouya will work well but politicians will frustrate his efforts, and that people will come together to fight the junta’s plans to transform it into a civilian president. Adding that notwithstanding, Doumbouya must not sleep because there is some backdoor gang-up which is coming up. ‘’The junta will come up with a new constitutional procedure which politicians will stand against, he must watch very well and must be careful of politicians who are desperate and what he has done will speak well of him, there will be democracy in the country’’ he said.

Some regard Primate Ayodele as a charlatan, who is one of Nigeria’s top church leader and has tens of millions of followers in Nigeria and outside the country including The Gambia who believe his words are divinely inspired and are the gospel truth.

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