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Published On: Tue, Oct 31st, 2023

President Barrow Launches Preparatory Activities For The Commemoration Of Janjanbureh’s Bicentenary Anniversary

President Adama Barrow today official launched the preparatory activities for the commemoration of janjanbureh’s bicentenary anniversary during a breakfast meeting which his office alongside with the National Center for Arts and Culture  and The National Organizing Committee for Janjanbureh’s 200 years anniversary organized to raise funds for janjanbureh’s upcoming annual festival that will take place from 4th to 7th January, 2024.

The commemorative activities will be led by Hon. Hamat N.K Bah, the Minister of Tourism and Culture, under the theme “Celebrating Homecoming and Our Heritage.” with aims to stimulate cultural revival, build a robust rural tourism package, promote Gambian social cohesion and memorialise Janjanbureh’s impressive 200 years historical evolution that witnessed the criss-crossing of several civilizations: African, Islam, Arabic, English, Portuguese and Christianity.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Government of CRR,senior government officials and business tycoons. 

During the meeting President Barrow narrates that in those days janjanbureh was the biggest shopping centre in the provinces, where him and his family goes for shopping back in 1975-1976, saying that whoever visits Janjanbureh now will really know that there was something happening in the settlement.

President Barrow states that as a nation it’s important to pay attention and reflect on the past in relation to the present in order to determine how far it has come, learn lessons, draw conclusions, enrich our experience and draw inspirations and prepare for a better future as its the essence of historical data. 

“History is an integral part of existence and thus influences our lives and contributes to shaping our nation and development prints, history has proven to be instructive as a source of reference for all sells of people young and old, the reason for its prominence is obvious.” He said.

Hamat N.K Bah, Minister of Tourism and Culture expressed gratitude to the attendees and said that his ministry is eager to put cultural history at the center of national development through the bursting of tourism, building a congestive society and forging a strong sense of cultural pride among the citizens. 

Janjanbureh, also known as Georgetown, is a historic town nestled on the banks of the Gambia River in the Central River Region of The Gambia, With its fascinating past, natural beauty, and vibrant culture, Janjanbureh has emerged as a captivating destination for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in a unique African experience. Janjanbureh was originally established as a British colonial settlement in 1832, the town served as a base for the suppression of the transatlantic slave trade.


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