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Published On: Thu, Aug 24th, 2023

President Barrow Conferred a National Award to Head of Detachment of ECOMIG at State House 

H.E. President Barrow on Thursday held a ceremony at the State House conferring Major Abdoulaye Camara, head of ECOMIG detachment at the State House. 

He was conferred with the insignia of the commander of the order of The republic of Gambia (C.R.G) honorary. 

Major Camara was invited into the Gambia by  President Adama Barrow back in early 2017 soon after swearing into office in Senegal.

The ceremony was also attended by Hon. Ministers in the Cabinet, heads of the state guards and the Senegalese ambassador to The Gambia.

President Barrow delivered a speech expressing his gratitude, saying that Major Camara has been a professional commander with an excellent mind, who has been good in making commands and said that he has been a remarkable member of the presidential technical team.

“It is a sad day for me, Major is like a son to me and I will really miss him, but unfortunately every beginning has an end”President Barrow said

President Barrow thanked President Sall for giving him such an asset to safe guard him.

Major Abdoulaye Camara, the outgoing-long serving head of ECOMIG at the state house thanked the president and said that The Gambia is lucky  having President

Barrow as a president and that anyone who hates the president doesn’t really know him. 

He outlined that he does not have a president in the Gambia but a father and that he has never worked out of the wishes of the president.

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