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" /> Voice Out Digital President Barrow Calls for Improved Cleanliness in Brikama Market | Voice Out Digital
Published On: Mon, Dec 4th, 2023

President Barrow Calls for Improved Cleanliness in Brikama Market

President Adama Barrow has urged the Brikama Market council to prioritize cleanliness in Brikama Market as he expressed disappointment with the lack of maintenance and emphasized that even though the council claims to want to assist women they can’t maintain cleanliness.

He further highlighted that it holds great significance in Brikama’s history, where 88 stores and a multi-story building were erected.

President Barrow made this statement during a joint meeting with the constituents of Kombo East, Brikama North, and Brikama South.

President  Barrow further emphasized that markets are under the jurisdiction of the central government, not the area councils.

“The ownership of markets lies with the central government; councils do not possess any markets. We entrust councils with the responsibility of managing market affairs. No one gives birth to a child and harbors animosity towards it. What I’m conveying to Gambians is that we were lenient in the past five years, but now that period has elapsed. Adhering to the law is imperative; failure to comply will result in consequences,” stated the president.

Additionally, President Barrow stressed the interdependence of the Brikama Area Council and the central government, emphasizing that the council’s existence relies on the central government.

“I’m telling you that the council won’t exist without the central government. The two entities work hand in hand. The council, with all its resources, is smaller than the central government. Advise the council to exercise patience. The council cannot construct roads, markets, or provide electricity. These initiatives are facilitated by the central government. If you refuse to collaborate with the government, what will you offer your people?” questioned the president.

President Barrow concluded by calling on all Gambians to unite for national development, emphasizing the need for individuals in various roles to set aside differences and work collectively for the country’s progress.

“My message is clear: whether you are working with the Area Council, at the Governor’s office, or with the government, we all need to unite, prioritize the people’s interests, and work towards advancing the country. Personal conflicts from the campaign period should be set aside for the greater good. Continuously engaging in past battles won’t fulfill the people’s expectations during your tenure,” he concluded.

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