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Published On: Tue, May 14th, 2024

Ousainou’s Alleged Murder Trial: PW8 Francis Testifies In Alleged Murder Case

Francis Jatta (PW8), a police officer stationed at the Criminal Records Office as a Forensic Officer, testified in court in the alleged murder case of the state against Ousainou and Amie Bojang.

He (PW8) began his testimony by telling the court the functions of the criminal records office. He highlighted that the office keeps records of all convicted criminals, conducts investigations at crime scenes, and analyzes evidence recovered from scenes, especially fingerprint analysis.

PW8 (Francis Jatta) highlighted that he recognized the first accused person (Ousainou) as he met him once. 

Recalling the events of September 13th 2023 Jatta stated that when he arrived at work in the morning, he received instructions to set up a forensic team to visit the crime scene at the Sukuta Traffic Lights. He (Jatta) noted that a team of 4 personnel led by himself, Ebrima Kanyi, Bunanbass Manka and Edrissa Jarjue left the criminal record office at the police headquarters to meet with other investigators.

Jatta (PW8) highlighted that they called other relation officers from other CRO offices, Sadia Gaye from Banjulinding Anti-Crime and Yahya Bojang from Brikama. which made it 6 personnel that ended up meeting at the crime scene. When asked if there were any other officers from other units apart from the 6 of them from the  CRO office he replied with a no that there was Assistant Commissioner Pateh Bah, Assistant Commissioner FaKebba Darboe, Thomas R.K Gomez, Commissioner Pateh Jallow along with other officers that later met them at the crime scene.

He (Jatta) noted that since they were not at the scene the previous day they had to ask questions as to what had happened to which they got responses that there was a shooting incident. He (Jatta) highlighted that they reconstructed the scene then put yellow tapes in order to stop people from accessing the crime scene. Jatta told the court that two empty casing were recovered from the anti crime and also during their search they found a car that was parked at the crime scene by the highway that had a bullet hole due to the shooting that happened there and that after another search they recovered another empty casing around the parked vehicle.

Jatta highlighted that they also followed the escape route of the alleged shooter where they picked a live round along side took pictures of the shoe prints of the shooter. He ( Jatta) highlighted that at the time the murder weapon was not recovered.

When asked by DPP how many empty casing and live rounds  were recovered Jatta replied that it was three empty casing and one live round that was recovered.

The case was adjourned to the 14th of May at 2:15pm for continuation

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