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Published On: Tue, Feb 27th, 2024

Ousainou Bojang Confesses To Being Drugged At Anti-Crime Unit

Ousainou Bojang, the first accused in the Sukuta-Jabang Traffic lights shooting incident where two officers were left dead and one seriously injured, appeared for the first time to give his evidence in chief in the voir dire where his lawyer counsel J Darboe alleged that his client Ousainou Bojang was drugged and beaten by personnel of the anti-crime unit when his statements were being obtained. 

Ousainou Bojang highlighted that on a Thursday at the anti-crime unit, he was taken out of his cell late at night by Ebou Sowe and into an office along with someone else where they met two PIU officers with a gun, Ousainou expressed that upon reaching the office, Ebou Sowe asked him to sit on a long chair with the PIU officer waiting at the door. Ebou Sowe asked him if he wanted to drink coffee, to which he said yes and the coffee was taken out of a flask bottle and poured into a cup then handed it over to him. Ousainou highlighted that after drinking the coffee, he started feeling dizzy, losing awareness of his body. He noticed himself in his cell the next morning. 

Counsel J Darboe asked Ousainou if he walked back to the cell by himself and to this Ousainou replied he was not aware of when he left the office and into the cell, when further asked if he had any encounters with any police officers in another capacity of the anti-crime unit Ousainou replied that on friday after the panel he was taken out of his cell late at night by three men, one of them being Sub Inspector Kebba Jobe, Musa Bah and a PIU Officer whose name he does not know. 

Ousainou stated that he was taken somewhere inside the camp where he was asked by SI Jobe if he was ready to tell the truth that he killed the two PIU officers, but to these Ousainou responded that he didn’t do it as he does not have a gun and had  never held one in his life, but SI Jobe insisted that they would suffocate him to death. Ousainou highlighted that he was also asked if he knows the junglers and he replied with a no but SI Jobe told him that they are more aggressive than the junglersand that would be Ousainou’s last day unless he tells them where he kept the gun. 

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Ousainou also recalled how he was tortured by highlighting that SI Jobe instructed them to remove the cuffs from Ousainou’s hand and cuff him on the wall, by cuffing his hand on the window. SI Jobe held a batten and asked Musa to cuff Ousainou’s legs in this manner Ousainou was asked to confess but he still maintained that he did not have anything to confess to. 

“SI Jobe started beating me while Musa Bah was having a cutlass. While SI Jobe was beating me, Musa Bah will be beating me with the side of the cutlass,” Ousainou said. 

Counsel J Darboe asked Ousainou where he was being beaten and Ousainou replied, “on my bottom with a batten while Musa Jobe was beating me with a cutlass. Marks are on my back.” Counsel J Darboe further asked Ousainou if he wants to show the marks to the court and Ousainou replied if the courts allow it, he would. 

The court indicated that by looking at the back of the accused, it would be difficult for the court to determine whether the marks are fresh or old ones as it would require an expert to examine it. To this Counsel J Darboe agreed and withdrew the question. Counsel J Darboe also asked what happened and Ousainou said he was taken back to his cell and thrown with the other mates. 

Counsel J Darboe also asked Ousainou if he confessed after the experience he went through in the hands of SI Jobe and Musa Bah but Ousainou replied that he never confessed as he told them to kill him if they wished but he will never accept something he has not done. One also asked if he left any confessional statement to anybody and Ousainou replied no he has not given any to anyone. 

Counsel J Darboe in the beginning of his examination in chief asked Ousainou if he had met Ebou Sowe before, in which Ousainou replied with a yes at the airport but before that he had met him at the anti-crime unit. When also asked if he had met Alieu Cham before, he replied that he met Alieu Cham only at the airport. Counsel J Darboe asked Ousainou if anything happened at the airport and Ousainou highlighted that Alieu Cham, Ebou Sowe and the driver named Bah came together and he (Ousainou) was taken out of the cell that was located at the airport police station. 

Ousanou highlighted that he was taken to the CID office where he was informed by Ebou Sowe that they came to obtain his statement along with Alieu Cham. His charges were read to him and he was asked if he agreed or disagreed and to this Counsel J Darboe asked if he could recall those charges and Ousainou said yes. When further asked what those charges were Ousainou said, “the first charge was i shot two police officers with a gun killing them and i denied the charge. The second charge was terrorism and I denied that charge as well then I was charged with bodily harm by shooting someone. It was recorded on paper and read to me and I confirmed I didn’t agree to the charges. Another paper was brought, my name was written and it was stated that i didn’t agree to the charges. I confirmed that I didn’t agree to the charges.” 

Cousel J Darboe also asked Ousainou if Ebou Sowe had taken any statement from him at the anti-crime, to this Ousainou replied no he had not taken any statement from him at the anti-crime. Counsel J Darboe put forward to Ousainou that Ebou Sowe said in the trial that he took the statement in the presence of Alieu Cham, is that true? To this Ousainou replied “no that’s not true.Counsel Darboe further told Ousainou that Ebou Sowe said that the statement was taken on the 15th of September 2023 and if Ousainou who recalls giving a statement on that day, to this Ousainou said “no that’s not true.” 

Ousanou Bojang recalled that on the 15th of september 2023 he was taken to a panel before a CID officer by the name Jamanka where he spent a long time because he had his lunch there then taken back to his cell. Counsel Darboe also asked Ousainou if he was ever before Ebou Sowe to give a statement along with Alieu Cham as a witness, to this Ousainou said no. When also asked if he had any dealings with any officer during his stay with the anti-crime, Ousainou recalled that on wednesday night he was taken out of his cell by Ebou Sowe where he was given papers and asked to thumb print. Ousainou highlighted that he was not told why the thumb prints were being taken as he was not given any statement prior to the thumb print. 

The case is adjourned to today for the cross examination of Ousainou Bojang by the director of public prosecution A.M. Yusuf.

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