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Published On: Mon, May 13th, 2024

Omar Drammeh Testifies That Victim says Husband Chopped her 

Omar Drammeh, a police officer at the Anti Crime Patrol Unit, testified in court in the alleged assault case of Yugo Sowe that the victim, who is also the wife of the accused, told him that it was her husband who chopped her hands and legs.

Drammeh (PW2) recalling the events of 16th November 2023, told the court that while he was on Patrol around Jabang, he received a call from one Sheriffo Camara who told him that, in his area Jalambang there is an old woman who was attacked by armed robbers hence they needed the help of the police. He highlighted that upon arrival at the junction around the highway, before the scene he met a group of people standing there.

When he asked what was going on someone from the crowd approached him and then identified an old man amidst the group, who he identified as the husband to the victim, who he also believed had a hand in what happened to the old woman. Drammeh expressed that with this information he approached the old man and then asked him who he was and why was he there and to that the accused responded that he was the husband to the victim and that he was sleeping at his second wife‘s place when some one came to his house and informed him that his wife had been attacked by armed robbers or criminals and since he (the accused) was afraid he decided to stand at the junction. Drammeh highlighted that after these explanations from the accused he instructed his men to invite the accused into the patrol vehicle.

PW2 (Drammeh) stated that they proceeded with the accused to the scene where the victim was and upon arrival, the victim was shouting the accused person’s name along side some words in Fula and since he (PW2) was not fluent in Fula he asked his men what was said and they responded that the victim was saying that it was her husband who chopped off her hands and legs.

He (PW2) said in order to clarify what was said to him, he took the accused person face to face with the victim then she (the victim) responded in Wolof language that the accused is her husband and that he was the one who chopped her, he ( PW2) said he had to ask her again for the second time just to confirm but she still gave the same response. He (PW2) then instructed his men to arrest the accused immediately.

When asked by A.Gibba for the state what else he observed at the scene, he (PW2) responded that there was blood everywhere including the mattress where the victim was laying down and also the ground of the house and due to these they had to rush the victim immediately to the hospital for medical attention and due to the amount of blood she lost they had to wrap her with the mattress she was laying on as well her wrap her up with a wrapper/ bed sheet to cover her Private part.

When also asked what happened after that he (PW2) said they had to rush the victim to the Brikama Health Center but when the nurse came to check on her she gave them an immediate referral to Ndemban Clinic and as the victim was taken to Nbemban she was admitted. PW2 (Drammeh) said they went back to the scene with the accused to collect exhibits but none was found apart from the bed sheets and mattress recovered. They then proceeded to where the second wife of the accused was staying.

Drammeh stated that upon arrival they introduced themselves to the wife as police officers and then informed her that they wanted to search the house. Drammeh expressed that he also asked the wife where the husband (Accused) spent the night and to that she (2nd Wife) responded that he (accused) spent the night at the house but while they were in bed during the night he (accused) told the 2nd wife that he was going to the toilet.

PW2 said when he asked the 2nd wife what time her husband came back she highlighted that her husband was gone for more than an hour and she doesn’t know what time he came back as she had fell asleep. Drammeh stated that after their search they recovered the cutlass used as it had blood and pieces of mattress attached to it under the accused’s bed along with his clothes.

When Drammeh was asked what he did the clothes and cutlass recovered he replied that they called the 2nd wife and asked her if the clothes and cutlass belonged to her husband to which she (2nd wife) confirmed that they belonged to her husband (Accused).

Case was adjourned to 14th May 2024 at 11:30am

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