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Published On: Thu, Jan 18th, 2024

NRA Launches Road Safety Campaign on Bertil Harding highway

Recognizing the importance of adhering to reporting standards and regulations, the National Roads Authority has launched a comprehensive road safety campaign with the  aim to raise awareness among drivers, pedestrians, and businesses located along the highway about the significance of compliance and collaboration in ensuring a safe road environment.

As part of the campaign, the authority emphasizes the importance of accurate and complete financial statements. By expecting timely financial statement submission for audit.

The Managing Director of the National Roads Authority Ousman Sanyang, during the press briefing said that Gambia has the poorest records on road safety and accidents in the world and hence needs to be improved.

With safety as a top priority, Mr Sanyang outlined that they are working closely with businesses located along the highway. By providing guidance on the appropriate distance that businesses should be built from the highway, as they are ensuring the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

Mr Lamin King Colley Commissioner of Police, heading the traffic mobile unit of the Gambia police force, disclosed that the accidents recorded since the Bertil Harding Highway was opened is 112 accidents which is from Yundum down to Senegambia which involves 16 fatality, and that the overall accidents for this period for 2023 is 1,210 of which 148 Gambians and non Gambians lost their live.

 He added that in comparing  the total accidents between 2022 to 2023,  their unit has recorded a total of 124 accidents, and this years minor, major and fatal accidents is 110, and further said that  when it comes to fatality deaths, this year has recorded the highest.

Nevertheless, the President of General Transport Union of the Gambia Omar Ceesay, said that it is vital that they  come work as stakeholders to convene on road accidents in the country and that on behalf of the transport union they are committed to work with NRA to engaged its people’s regarding on how to use the road especially the Bertil Harden Highway.

He further buttressed that the police have a role to play, which is to make sure that good laws are put into place and to implement it, adding that they are committed as a union to work with all the sectors including the National Roads Authority to make sure the roads are safe for everyone. 

In his speech the Safety Engineer at the National Roads Authority Bakary manneh,  said that the Bertil Harden Highway cannot be built without it being safe for users, which is still under construction but he said NRA is doing their best to minimize the road accidents on the new road.

Mr Manneh concluded that accidents and road crashes cannot be avoided completely but it can be reduced and what they are concerned and fighting for is no more deaths on the roads, but he urges road users to obey service rules on the road and be mindful of the way they drive.

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