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Published On: Fri, May 5th, 2023

NAWEC Asked to Bring Back Cheaper Tariffs for Electricity and Water

Team Gom Sa Bope movement earlier today held a press conference to talk about the recent
NAWEC Tariff increment and their call of actions & plans to resist it.
In a joint statement signed by the bring back cheaper tariffs movement and Team Gom Sa Bopa,
states that access to affordable water and electricity is a basic fundamental human right which any
serious government must provide to its people. The Gambia have been struggling to enjoy stable
electricity and access to clean water since independence, leading to the rebranding of The Gambia’s
only National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC).

“The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) paid by Gambian taxpayers to regulate the supply
of public utilities has showed no interest in addressing NAWEC’s poor standard of service delivery
which continues to cost Gambians billions of Dalasis in loans and bills.
“PURA failed to ensure that NAWEC consulted The Gambian people sufficiently on their extortionate
tariff increase as required by section 34 (2) b of the PURA Act 2001 mandating them to conduct
“research, including seeking the opinions of consumers of the service” before approving any
increases.” The statement reads.
According to media reports from the Point Newspaper, NAWEC has been struggling to pay arrears of
almost D1 Billion Dalasis owed to SENELEC back in 3 rd April 2023. The Gambia Government is also
reportedly owing NAWEC close to D750 million.
The statement further states that the millions of Dalasis Government owes NAWEC and NAWEC’s
Billions owed in loans that continue to be paid by Gambian taxpayers highlights the financial
calamity NAWEC finds itself in, all at the expense of the Gambian people.

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