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Published On: Fri, Dec 8th, 2023

National Human Rights Commission’s training of trainers for security services program ends

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Thursday ended a three-day capacity building program for training of trainers for Gambia security services on the code of conduct and guidelines on policing public assemblies.

The training was held at the National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) conference hall which brought together 40 participants from various security sectors such as the Gambia Police Force, Gambia Armed Forces, (RNG), The Drug Law Enforcement Agency, Gambia Prison Service, Gambia Immigration Department and the Gambia Fire and Rescue Services.

The training was funded by the US Embassy in the Gambia. The theme for the training was “Strengthening Local Capacity for Greater Accountability and Respect for Human Rights in the Gambia.”

In the past three days, Officers effectively participated through various segments such as the role and mandate of the National Human Rights Commission, the role and qualities of trainer, principles of effective training, the right to freedom of assembly and peaceful demonstration.

Other areas include rule of law enforcement in public order management, public management formation and tactics, code of conduct for police officers, re-guidelines on policing public assemblies in the Gambia (part I), guidelines on policing public assemblies in the Gambia (part II) and the convention on torture, prevention and prohibition of torture Act-2023.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Emamnuel Daniel Joof, Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission said that the Police have been given a constitutional powers to act upon through Section 4 of the constitution which gives them powers to protect lives and properties, detect and prevent crimes, apprehend and prosecute offenders. He said that other agencies also have some police powers in the job they do.

He said that all participants play a very significant role as guidance of rule of law in the country. He said “without an effective security services of the police, the immigration, the army and others, we will have a breakdown of law and order in

this country. You play a very important role.”

“And I want to emphasize that, we may quarrel with you, it will happen. Auditors will go an account and people don’t like them, but it a job they have to do. We are the auditors of human rights, this was the mandate that was given to us” he said.

“But we recognized the important role that you play. As we all go to bed and sleep, if it were not the job you do, we will sleep with our two eyes open and not just with one eye,” he told the security. He further recognized the efforts that security services render to the nation.

Delivering the vote of thanks on behalf the participants, Corporal 5309 Fatou Faye-Kujabi of the Gambia Police Force, thanked the National Human Rights Commission training which brought together 40 participants derived from the various security sectors.

She noted that the training was unprecedented and a demonstration of the NHRCs commitment to collaboration and partnership in the provision and protection of human rights in the Gambia.

“The lessons have enlightened our minds and shown us a new path. Thanks to the participants for adoring the occasion, respecting ground rules and sharing you opinions,” she said. She further urged participants to conduct step down trainings in their respective institution for the benefit of their colleagues who were not selected to be part of the training.

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