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Published On: Thu, Dec 17th, 2020

National Council for Civic Education- ‘Where there is peace, there is development’

Ansumana Ceesay, National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) senior program officer has said that where there is peace, there is always development. He therefore called on citizens to safeguard the peace and stability the county is known for.

The NCCE senior program officer made these remarks on Tuesday during a sensitization outreach for natives of Kanmamudou village, Foni Jarrol District on democratic governance, civic rights and duties of a citizen organised by his office.

NCCE’s senior program officer, Amsumana Ceesay

The theme for the 6 days outreach funded by The Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (TANGO) is consolidating good governance and human rights in The Gambia.

He pointed out that political and religious differences are threatening our peace and stability as a country, saying people’s rights should be respected because where once rights stops and where another person’s rights begins.  

Mr Ceesay also called for political tolerance and the conduct of periodical free and fair elections.

He noted that, where there is peace there is always development. He said we are approaching an election year, and as such it is important to sensitize citizens to maintain peace.

Aminata Joof, program Officer at NCCE said every citizen has the right to life, association, assembly, education, marriage, not be enslaved, not discriminated, vote and be voted for provided you meet the requirements among other rights.

She added that it is the duty of every citizen to also respect the laws of the country.

Ansumana Yabou, a senior civic education officer at The National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) has said no tribe is better than the other in the country as the country belong to all citizens.  

Mr Yabou stated that The Gambia is not a tribal country but made up of various tribes which are all equal as citizens. He therefore urged people to do away with tribalism and put the country first.

He also said that people are fundamental to democracy and as such it is important their needs are met.

He described elections are the life blood of democracy, adding that democratic governance is the best form of governance.  

He added that citizens cannot take their rightful positions in national develop if they are not aware of their rights and responsibilities.

 “Let us do away with things that will jeopardize our peace and security”, he also said.

He also described transparency and accountability as key to good government, adding that separation of powers is also fundamental.  

Muhammed Kanuteh, NCCE Civic Education Officer said if citizens do not know their rights and responsibilities it is always difficult for them to contribute to national development.

Kanmamudou alkalo Bakary Manjang said the previous presidential election dysfunction and divide a lot of people. He added that majority of Gambians still do not understand democracy.

Lady cansullor Fatou Sambou said every citizen has a stake in national development. She added that as citizens we should not allow politicians to divide us because elections comes and go but we continue to live together as citizens.

“We all have rights to support political parties of our choice but that should not divide us”, she also said.   

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