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Published On: Mon, Dec 7th, 2020


On Tuesday, a publication related to“Sex Workers to get COVID funds” was published online by a Gambian newspaper. The NAS has released a press statement debunking what they said to be misinterpreted and misinformed by the media houses and the general public.

Last Friday, 27th November 2020. A press Conference was held by the director of National Aid Secretariat gave a statement calling on a rally of world solidarity and to also ensure shared responsibility in national response towards HIV and AIDS in the Gambia.

He further went on to say he would use this opportunity to highlight the current situation and issues regarding HIV and AIDS in the Gambia.

The director of NAS made it very much clear to the media during the question and answer session regarding the situation of HIV and AIDS among sex workers in the context of COVID19. In his response, the director said that no one is left behind in the response of the HIV and AIDS, that sex workers will continue receiving HIV services in the context of COVID19 services such as testing, treatment, care and support will be given to people living within this infection.

According to the NAS, There was nothing mentioned in regards to given any COVID funds to the sex workers as the NAS is not responsible for given any fund to the sex workers in the Gambia.

The NAS boss stated that:

“The media still continues to play a vital role regarding to the fight against AIDS. As so many media houses are creating awareness of HIV and AIDS and educating people about how to fight against this infectious disease(HIV) as well help to prevent its transmission.

About 53% of the Gambians identified the media as their source of information about HIV and this was know according to the survey conducted in the Gambia. Its rather unfortunate and disheartening that the planned radicalism in the Gambian society continues to have a staying power of misinformation in the response to HIV and AIDS, especially when such misinformation leaks out.

The most worrying and sadness fact is that Gambian politicians term to take every advantage that comes there way regarding misinformation as way to gain political points. The National Aid Secretariat wish to apologize all those that in one way or the other have been affected with this unfortunate misinformation”

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