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Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2022

NaNA stages Stakeholders’ 2nd Social Safety Net Project convergence forum

Following successful project implementations of the Nafa program to the most vulnerable households across the regions which has touched and improved the lives of so many households through poverty eradication and ensuring that vulnerable households attain daily meals and other necessities.

The National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) on Tuesday staged its second convergence forum of the second social safety net project.

The forum was prior to Gambia government received finance from the World Bank for the social safety net project to the tune of US$30 million with a counterpart funding of US$1 million from the Gambia government.

The project development objective was to improve the coordination of social assistance activities, provide temporal support to rural households in the wake of COVID-19 and increase inclusion of the extreme poor in the Nafa program.

The three days forum held at the ChildFund Lodge Conference Hall in Bwiam, converged key stakeholders from all regions to review the recommendations from the September 2021 convergence meeting, progress reports on components 1 and 2.

Discussions included the way forward and recommendations with overview of the components of the Project Operation Manual (POM) and the Financial Management (FM) Manual, update on Fiduciary management and ChildFund playful parenting among others.

However, the Nafa program was piloted in 3 districts before expanding to the remaining 17 districts. Since then, a lot of activities haven been done by the implementing partners.

The convergence availed project partners the opportunity to take stock of what has been accomplished, challenges faced and paved way forward for effective implementation and use of resources.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Amat Bah, Executive Director/Project Coordinator of NaNA acknowledged the partners for the effective and splendid job through efficient collaboration, reflecting back to 1999with their conceptual work, noting that it was the effective partnership they have nurtured and seen results.

He said that all indications from the World Bank as the main sponsor of the project is that they are heading towards achieving a successful project. That NaNA cannot be part of anything else but to have a successful project. Adding that this was what they have been doing since they started working with the World Bank.

He said that they successfully implemented projects, that the last project implemented was rated satisfactory which led the Bank to go back to their peers and subject this review to a peer review.

He said the World Bank agreed that they were going to upgrade this satisfactory implementation of the Maternal and Child Nutrition and Health Results Project (MCNHRP) to highly satisfactory, which he noted had never happen as far as World Bank projects are concerned in the Gambia.

He said that they have been informed that the Gambia is one of the few countries around the world that had attained a highly satisfactory outcome in the world and that the Gambia and Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Results project as one of them.

FatouGibba, Director of the Department of Community Development, said the forum as a stalk taking review on the past year, equally looking at those challenges along the line also gives them the chance on how they would collectively ensure to eradicate or minimize those challenges for effective work.

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