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Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2023

“My intent is to strengthen unity amongst Fulas” says Seedy Dem

The President of the Tabital Pulaagu-The Gambia, Alhagie Seedy Dem has reiterated that his intention and strive is to strengthen and cement relations amongst members of the Tabital Pulaagu-The Gambia and beyond. To ensure that they are united and speak with one voice.

Mr. Dem made this declaration on Saturday, during a press conference held at the YMCA conference hall in Kanifnig. Tabial Pulaagu has equally called for its congress scheduled from the 29th to 30th December, 2023.

The gathering also showed original signed certificates indicating their eligibility of being the only Tabital Pulaagu-The Gambia and its affiliation to the international body.

Tabital Pulaagu Mbo-Gambia is a chapter among the twenty-six country chapters in Africa and affiliated chapters around the globe that formed the Tabital Pulaagu International (TPI).

The current president of Tabital Pulaagu International is His Royal Highness Muhammadu Sanusi II of Nigeria.

However, the Saturday press conference was geared towards clarifying rumors spread on the legal recognition of the Tabital Pulaagu and the need to call for a congress.

Speaking at the occasion Seedy Dem said the gathering was also geared towards inform the world what they are up to and what they stand for, likewise making clarifications on certain issues.

He said that prior to his leadership, there has been chaos in Tabital Pulaagu, between the then leader, Omar Ceesay and that of Mamadu Madou, which he came purposely to resolve and ensure unity among members and all concerned. He noted that at that point he was not a member of either sides.

He stated that there is no interest in chaos or separation. He advised those groups or individuals calling for oneness, they should go back to their various districts and engage their district heads.

He revealed that there could be no unity except they have unity at the district level through which those district concerns would reach him as the president for possible solutions. .He noted that there are steps to go through in any situation.

However, Dem revealed that they are currently working on the logistics for the preparation towards the December congress. He urged all Fulas to grab their forms and secure their membership cards to ensure their membership eligibility of Tabital Pulaagu.

He urged for the realization of youth wing that will serve as the future leaders of Tabital Pulaagu-The Gambia. He urged all to unite under one voice, while he assured his support to everybody as far as Tabital Pulaagu is concerned.

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