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Published On: Tue, Jan 16th, 2024

MSDG Holds 7th Stake in Nation Forum

The Seventh session of the stake in the Nation forum which was held on Saturday 13th January 2024 at the sir Dawda Kairaba conference with the Theme: innovation, impact and inclusive development which was attended by senior Government officials from various line ministries.

Momodou Tangara, minister of foreign Affairs international cooperation and Gambians abroad who spoke on behalf of the president HE Adama Barrow applauded this gesture and deems it timely.

“The opportunity for innovation transmission is real because this small country of ours is blessed with people with brilliant mind, knowledge and world skilled”

He commended GK partners and Mitigation and Sustainable Development in the Gambia (MSDG) for their support in mitigating issues of migration.

Prof Pierre Gomez minister of Higher Education Research Science and Technology said the Gambia is in need of such engagements in order to improve the development impact of Higher Education.

“I know our great nation’s challenges like many countries the Gambia grapples with social hurdles that necessity strategies and collaborative effort to overcome”

He further said the ministry of higher education research science and technology has undertaken comprehensive approaches and are ready to embrace the progress in policies, strategies and plans that culminate from rigorous studies and analysis”

He concluded by saying MOHERST is interested in identifying practical solutions and activities that tertiary and Higher Education  institutions should take into consideration to boost productivity,  foster  innovation and contribute to the expansion of the Gambia economy.

Mr Buah Saidy, The Governor of the central bank said this engagement will help develop and generate ideas and solutions on how to leverage the private sector and the diaspora to enhance economic development.

Furthermore he said people of the diaspora have been very instrumental in the transmission of remittances to the Gambia.

He expressed how they are considered a very important stakeholder in improving the lives and livelihood of Gambians as remittance continues to play a pivotal role in the economic development of the Gambia as its impact cannot be overestimated.

Remittance is the key source in foreign exchange for the Gambia and has considerable impact on the balance payment of the Gambia…… said.

MSDG started as a seven month pilot project with a budget of 28,000 euros with the aim of enhancing and expanding the role of Gambian diaspora in national development, participation in socioeconomic development policy and practice, and institutionalized engagements.

MSDG is also a feasible and efficient mechanism for delivering sustainable and inclusive outputs and impacts on migration, Diaspora and development through innovation, implementation of global good practice and maintenance professional and operational excellence.     

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