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Published On: Thu, Jun 20th, 2024

Minister of Environment Rohey John Manjang Disputes Allegations of Wrongdoing Amidst Timber Scandal

The Minister of Environment, Hon Minister Rohey John Manjang, in a press release has strongly refuted recent allegations made against her in a report by Kebba Ansu Manneh of The Alkamba Times. She emphasized that these accusations are unfounded fabrications intended to divert attention from the investigation into questionable dealings involving some ministry officers and illicit timber traders in various regions, including the Lower River Region.

Expressing disappointment over the attempt to undermine the ministry’s efforts towards accountability and transparency, Minister Manjang highlighted the timing of the allegations amidst ongoing investigations. She revealed that the initial contact from Kebba Ansu Manneh was received by her Permanent Secretary on June 16th, 2024, during a festive holiday period. The Minister clarified that upon returning to work on June 18th, 2024, she was made aware of the situation.

In response to the allegations, Minister Manjang instructed her Permanent Secretary to invite Mr. Manneh for a discussion, emphasizing the importance of balanced reporting. However, during the conversation, Mr. Manneh made unverified claims accusing the Minister of involvement in the illegal sale of mahogany trees and receiving payments, allegations that she vehemently denied. Despite urging Mr. Manneh to substantiate his claims with evidence, he maintained they were from reliable sources.

Given the sensitive nature of the ongoing investigation, Minister Manjang refrained from delving deeply into the matter but assured the public of her unwavering commitment to serving with integrity, dedication, and a sense of duty. She affirmed her dedication to upholding the public interest and emphasized her adherence to ethical standards in her service to the Gambian people.

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