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Published On: Tue, Jul 25th, 2023

Migration Activists Stage A ProtestOver Deportations

A group of migration activists, concerned citizens, on Saturday staged a protest over the now frequent deportation of Gambian youths from Germany, corruption and among other issue. The group gathered at Westfield to denounce the deportations and called for action by the government.

The protesters chanted the ‘ No to deportation’ slogan bringing the attention of both the German and Gambian governments to the appalling conditions of deportees and asking both governments to put an immediate end to force or involuntary deportations.

They carried banners, one of which read: “President Adama Barrow don’t forget what you told us in 2016. Diaspora made a great sacrifice for you to be president, Gambians are tired, and enough is enough”.

One of the protesters “MusoluBaa” said deportation of young Gambians from Europe will inevitably lead to an increase in crime rate and urged the government to find a way with the German authorities to stop it. “We want to tell the authorities that we are together in this fight and they must consider our concern,” she emphasized.

Another protester, Aja Bojang, said she was shocked and heartbroken to see her son who had been in Germany for so many years, back home so unceremoniously.

Mustapha Faal, a co-founder of ‘no to deportation association’ said they will make sure that government put a stop to the deportations. “We will continue to protest until we get solutions and our youths freed from deportation”, he vowed.

The protesters also asked the government to respect their petition and threatened to block the airport and stop the deportation flights to be landing in the Gambia.

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